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Messages updated during the month of  Nov 2020


IDA freezing for CPSUs from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021

NCOA and AUAB calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

All Unions and Associations in BSNL (AUAB) calls for Lunch Hour Protest Demonstrations on 25.11.2020.

On one side Govt not implemented 3rd Pay Revision for many PSUs including BSNL. BSNL employees are working round the clock to maintain the essential telecom services during the Covid 19 pandemic. Many CPSUs are playing important role in maintaining the essential services during the Covid.

NCOA and AUAB deplore the Govt decision for Freezing of IDA in the name of Covid 19.

All CSs and SSA Secs are requested to coordinate with other Assns and Unions to make the programme a big success.

DPE Order freezing IDA  NCOA letter AUAB letter


The Screening Committee Report and Vigilance Clearance report for the JTO to SDE DPC is sent to BSNL CO.


SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes Happy Diwali to All


Central Working Committee (CWC) decisions --contd:

1. DoT approval for Standard Pay Scales of E2, E3 replacing the intermediary pay scale of E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007.

This is the most important HR issue, affecting all the Executives recruited after 01.01.2007, CWC observed. Settlement of E2 and E3 pay scales will resolve many issues. CWC was very much critical about the non–resolution of this issue by DoT and BSNL management for many years. After detailed discussion CWC resolved that if this long pending issue is not resolved in a reasonable time by DoT and BSNL through discussion, Association should launch TU actions to settle it.

2. BTCL and related issues:

At the time of proposal for formation of BTCL moved to Cabinet in 2013, it was mainly to tap additional revenue through Tower sharing. That time many private operators were available. Now situation changed and there is not much scope for Tower sharing as the number of other operators came down to 3.

To justify the BTCL, now DoT and management is talking about the savings on AGR. At the same time, silent on JV and management control, liability on BSNL for paying rentals to BTCL etc.

CWC decided to oppose the BTCL as it will lead to disinvestment and strategic sale in the form of Joint Venture in the near future as per Cabinet decision. The rentals for the BTSs on BTCL Towers will become another big financial burden for BSNL.

3. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision:

After the VRS, the number of employees came down drastically, more than 50%. Now the matter has to be further pursued, CWC decided.

4. Enhancement of Superannuation Benefit to BSNL recruited employees:

After the success of the Sovereign Bond for Rs 8500 Crores, slight improvement is there in the financial condition of BSNL. The matter is to be further pursued.

The formation of separate Trust for PRMB instead of BSNLMRS also come under discussion. Hardly 20% of the BSNL pensioners are covered by CGHS as the facility is available at limited places. If BSNL is not able to contribute to the Trust after its formation, the limited amount available in the Trust after its formation will be sufficient only for meeting the medical expenditure of the retirees for few years. So BSNL revival is the only viable option to have better medical facilities. The issue to be examined further.

5. Promotion to DGM on regular basis and promotion to higher posts.

CWC demanded that all the eligible DE/CAOs should be made Regular DGMs instead of Adhoc DGMs. The remaining DGM(T/F) posts should be filled on Regular basis instead of LA arrangement by giving one time relaxation in qualifying service.

CWC strongly opposed the LA arrangement given by BSNL management instead of Regular promotion.

6. EPF Full Pension option:

13 Circles provided the data. The remaining Circles asked to submit the data within one week so that the details can be furnished to the lawyer for filing in the Hon Supreme Court.

7. Pay loss issue of Rs 22820/- for 2007/2008/2010 rect DR JTO/JAOs:

As decided in Bangalore CWC, the draft petition for filing the petition is almost ready and we will be filing the petition shortly.

For monitoring the progress in the court case and to assist the CHQ, a 5 member committee formed with Com Pavithra Singh, CS/UPE as the Chairman.

8. Pay loss for the LICE JTO/JAOs who recruited as JE between 01.01.2007 and 07.05.2010:

Earlier, the Bangalore CWC decided that pay loss issue should be limited to 2007/2008/2010 rect DR JTO/JAOs. After examining the matter and deliberations, CWC decided to take up the pay loss issue of the JEs recruited between 2007 and 2010 and become JTO/JAO also and to explore the possibility of legal options. For assisting the CHQ, a 6 member committee formed with Com Vismay Oza, CWC/GUJ as the Chairman.

9. E1+5 Increments for the post 2010 Rect JTO/JAOs:

We are exploring the possibility for extending this benefit as an interim measure till the approval of E2 and E3 scales, based on the Presidential Order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, provided it will not have adverse impact on our demand for E2 and E3 pay scales. It will be discussed with DIR(HR) in the meeting next week.

10. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f. 01.10.2000:

DoT is not agreeing to this proposal. Since the proposal is having financial implications on BSNL and DoT, DoT stand is very crucial. We will further pursue the matter and have to explore all the options.

11. Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000:

Management collected the required date to examine the financial implications. Once CPSU CH, extending the first TB promotion after 5 years is implemented, it can be further pursed. Thousands of Executives are affected by this. Since it is having big financial implications as thousands of Executives recruited from 1993 to 2001 are involved, DoT stand on this issue is very crucial.

12. Intl MT Recruitment.

The result of Intl MT to be declared expeditiously, CWC demanded. Possible support also will be extended to the applicants for the same, CWC decided.


Central Working Committee (CWC) decisions:

Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting unanimously decided to launch strong Trade Union programs from 01st week of January, 2021 for implementing the Non Post based Time Bound Functional promotion (BEPPARR 2017) after every 5 years with Uniformity and Parity in Promotions among equivalent cadres in different wings, w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

Initial phase of TU programs will be after 1 month, in the 1st week of December. CWC took this important decision taking into account of the fact that even after two years, management is not at all taking any action to implement the new promotion policy, which will give smooth career progression to the Executives.

CWC decided to wait for maximum 2 months, upto 31.12.2020 for the implementation of BEPPARR 2017 (CPSU CH) by the management. In the meantime, we will continue to work wholeheartedly for any promotion/ DPC as it materialises.

However, our demand for the implementation of promotion through BEPPARR 2017 (CPSU CH) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 will continue as it is, irrespective of the status of DPC/ Promotion. The promotions so materialises will be replaced with the promotion through BEPPARR 2017 from 01.07.2018.

CWC come to the conclusion that CPSU CH Promotion from 01.07.2018 is inevitable and cannot be compromised because:

1. Promotion through BEPPARR 2017 (CPSU CH) will only give promotion for all the eligible Executives with parity.

2. Promotion through BEPPARR 2017 only will give the promotion from 01.07.2018 and parity with those promoted in June, 2018.

3. Service from 01.07.2018 (2 ½ yrs) will be counted for future promotions.

4. Restructuring will drastically reduce the number of posts.

5. Executives from other streams and cadres also can get promotion.

6. There is no scope for further promotions, beyond SDE/AO.

7. Even after DPC/promotion, reservation issue will lead to litigations.