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Last Updated on 07.05.2019 - 03:05 PM
07-05-2019 It is regret to inform that father of Com.Senthil Kumar DS West expired today. Our heartfelt condolences to him and his family members. Let his father`s soul be rest in peace.

29-04-2019 SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. Our special wishes to Com.R.Lakshmi Narayanan SDE A/T, Com.K.Uma AGM NE, Com.R.Jayanthi AGM KKN Extl and G.Devarajulu JTO EB. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Dear comrades,
As decided in the CEC meeting held on 03.04.2019, the Circle Conference date is finalized during the COB meeting held on 15.04.2019. The Circle Conference date is 30.05.2019 and 31.05.2019 and same is notified. Pre-Conference CEC meeting will be held on 29.05.2019@1000 hrs at SNEA, Bhawan.

During the COB meeting the following committees have been formed:

I. Reception Committee: Chairman-Com.S.Radhakrishnan ACS
1. A.S.Suresh DS North
2. C.Olly VP
3. Buddhadev Gantayat Area Secretary
4. R.Raman DS South
5. S.Agilavani BS CMT
6. Jayanthi Gopalan BS RKN GSM
7. L.Sriram BS AMB
8. K.Ravichandran BS ANR
9. A.K.Suresh Babu BS MBM

II. Food Committee     : Chairman-Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS
1. M.Selvaraj CEC Member
2. L.Venugopal Area Secretary
3. S.Boobalan BS FBR
4. K.Murali CEC Member
5. A.Ayub Khan Area Secretary
6. P.Rajesh DS GSM
7. Muthukrishnan BS ADY
8. P.Karthikeyan BS ARD
9. S.Balakrishnan BS INSP
10. D.Rajkumar BS CPT
11. Selvam Kannappan BS KCM
12. Kamal BS TVR

III.Transport Committee : Chairman--Com.G.K.Saravanan CWC Member
1. D.Soundarajan Area Secretary
2. K.Raju DS Central
3. Ganesan Area Secretary
4. R.Kalaiselvan BS HRD
5. S.Kumar BS KAL
6. P.Bhaskaran BS CGM Office
7. G.Venkatesh BS KKN

IV. Stage(Event) Committee : Chairman--Com.P.Charles ACS.
1. M.Jayaraj Area Secretary
2. S.Senthilkumar DS West
3. M.Purushothaman DS Circle Office
4. N.Gopal Rao BS KLY
5. S.Prathabkumar BS EB
6. S.Bharath BS HRD GSM
7. M.Hemlal BS KKN GSM
8. D.Thirunavukarasu BS FBR GSM

All the Branches are requested to conduct meetings and elect delegates as per our constitution. Branch/District resolutions should reach to CS on or before 10.05.2019 to include in the circle conference.

All the Circle Office Bearers/CWC/CEC Members/District/Branch Secretaries are ex-officio delegates sharing the voting strength of the District/Branch to which they belong.

The number of delegates to be elected shall be computed on the basis of one for every 15 paid up members or part thereof being not less than 10 subject to a minimum of one per Branch.

30-03-2019 SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. Our special wishes to Com.M.Sreedhar DGM NWO-CM. He is a sincere, dedicated and honest officer. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Comrades, Regret to inform that our active member Com.K.M.Vinayagam AGM Ongole, AP Circle passed away today evening due to heart attack. On promotion to DE cadre, he was transferred to AP Circle and his transfer order from AP circle to Chennai also issued.

Dear Comrades, All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB), for the last few years, pursuing the issues related to the growth of BSNL as well as the common HR issues of the BSNL employees. The DoT is putting all the hurdles in the revival of BSNL and settlement of the issues, inspite of the fact that, at the time of formation of BSNL, Govt declared that the financial viability of BSNL will be fully taken care of, better career prospects for the employees and guarantees Pensionary benefits to all. The Govt is so indifferent towards BSNL, even on growth related issues. Govt is creating innumerable hurdles, on each and every proposal of BSNL, practically interfering with the day to day affairs of the company. This lethargic attitude of the Govt compelled the employees to launch various Trade Union Programs, including strike. In the meeting between AUAB and the Hon Minster of State for Communications held on 24.02.2018 and 03.12.2018, the Hon Minster was assured to settle the issues in a time bound manner. Especially on 3rd PRC, he assured to take it to Cabinet for relaxing the affordability clause and on 4G spectrum, he assured that will be allotted without any delay. Again, the abnormal delays on implementation of these assurances lead to the Indefinite Strike call from 03.12.2018. In this meeting also Hon Minister had given specific and categorically assures about the settlement of the issues and delinking of Pension Revision from Pay Revision. In the discussions with Additional Secretary (Telecom) [AS(T)], on 30.01.2019, DoT made an offer of 5% fitment for 3rd PRC and requested AUAB to accept it considering the present financial crisis. Further AS(T) said that in that case, pay revision also will be placed for the approval of the Digital Commission meeting, to be held on 05.02.2019 along with the 4G spectrum allotment, vacant land management policy and restructuring of BSNL and thereafter it would be taken for the approval of the Cabinet in February itself. On Pension Revision, DoT gone back from the assurance given by the Hon Minister to delink it from Pay revision and clearly taken a position that it can be done only after pay revision and with the same fitment offered for pay revision and 15% fitment is ruled out. The AUAB rejected the 5% fitment as it is very low and could not accept it. In the earlier meeting with AS(T), 0% fitment was offered by the DoT side. Thereafter, the AS(T) suggested that the AUAB representatives could discuss the issue with the CMD/BSNL and could come back to him within a day or two. In the very next day meeting, AS(T) told that even 5% fitment is difficult to consider and it is not able to consider in the DC meeting on 05.02.2019. AUAB is firm on our demand for 15% fitment, delinking of pension revision with 15% fitment and time bound approval by Digital Commission and the Cabinet. Non-allotment of 4G spectrum, non approval of land monetization proposal submitted by BSNL in May, 2018, pension contribution on maximum of pay scales, denial of permission to avail bank loans for expansion of network, non filling of BSNL Director posts etc are deliberate attempt of the Govt to destabilize BSNL. The Niti Aayog and Finance Ministry is vehemently opposing any proposal for revival of BSNL like 4G spectrum allotment. The non settlement of HR issues like 3rd PRC is also part of the same game plan to create industrial unrest in the company and further weaken BSNL to facilitate other operators. Even Pension Revision is denied by the Govt. In this background AUAB decided to resume the agitational promgramms to settle the issues immediately prior to the notification of General Elections.
1. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment. At the time of formation of BSNL, as per the recommendations of Group of Ministers, Govt declared that it will ensure the financial viability of BSNL, better career prospects for the employees and payment of pension by the Govt. BSNL is a unique PSU where majority of the employees are recruited by Govt and absorbed in BSNL. BSNL could not make profit due to the wrong policies of the Govt. Last 3 years, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17, BSNL performed in an outstanding manner and increased the operational profit, year after year till the entry of Reliance Jio. Govt and TRAI allowed policy violations and predatory pricing by Reliance Jio, which crippled the industry even though BSNL could withstand in comparison to private operators in an exceptional manner. All other operators, despite massive decline in their revenues, including R-Jio, are able to stay in the market only with the support of public financial institutions. BSNLs decline is due to the Govt, not by the employees. So there is no justification in denying the Pay Revision to BSNL employees. The Hon Minster was assured the AUAB on 24.02.2018 and 03.02.2018 that, for the relaxation of affordability clause for the 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees, relaxation of affordability clause will be sought from the Cabinet. However, the DoT, which is responsible for preparing the Cabinet Note, is dragging its feet and deliberately delaying the approval.
2. Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management. In the meeting held on 24.02.2018, the Hon Minster was kind enough to state that, 4G spectrum would be allotted to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by BSNL in December, 2017. However, even after the lapse of one year, the assurances given by the Hon Minster are not implemented. Abnormal delay in the allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL is adversely affecting the financial revival of the Company. Niti Aayog and Finance Ministry, which dolled out huge concessions to bail out the private operators are opposing 4G spectrum allotment to BSNL.
3. Implement assurance of the Hon Minister for delinking pension revision from pay revision. Revise pension of BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017. The BSNL retirees, who are absorbed from the DoT, are eligible for pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017. Both the BSNL retirees, as well as the Central Government retirees, are covered by the same rules, viz., the CCS Pension Rules 1972. Rule 37A has inserted for providing Government pension on IDA scales from the consolidated fund of India for the CPSU employees absorbed from Govt service by counting the combined service. While the Central Government pensioners have already got their pension revision, the BSNL pensioners are left high and dry. The DoT, which is responsible for the settlement of the pension revision of the BSNL retirees, has not taken any action in that direction. Pension revision is no way linked with the pay revision as the entire pension contribution was paid by BSNL. Even for BSNL Pensioners, DoT suggested less fitment than 15%, equivalent to Pay revision, citing the affordability of BSNL where as Pension is to be paid by the Govt.
4. Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the Government rule. The Pension Contribution is to be calculated based on the actual basic pay, instead of maximum of the pay scales as per DoPT order dated 19.11.2009, under the provisions of FR 116. However, the DoT is collecting Pension Contribution from BSNL, based on the maximum of the pay scale of each BSNL employee, since 01.01.2007. In the meeting held on 24.02.2018, the Hon Minster was kind enough to direct the Secretary (T), that only the Government of India Rule should be made applicable to BSNL, in the matter of pension contribution. The DoT has so far not implemented the direction given by the Hon Minster. Settlement of this issue is having huge impact on the 3rd Pay Revision. 5. Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee. CMD, BSNL given an assurance of 3% hike in the Superannuation benefits by March, 2019. However on the E2 and E3 Pay scale, no progress is there irrespective of clear direction by the Hon Minister in the meeting held on 03.12.2018.
6. a) Approval for BSNLs Land Management Policy without any delay. b) Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL. BSNL is having huge vacant land at prime locations scattered in 15,000 land parcels. The fair value itself is more than 1 lakh Crore. For the effective monetization of the vacant land by proposing to lease out to PSUs, Banks etc, BSNL submitted the Land Management Policy in May, 2018 for the approval of DoT. Huge amount, 1000 Cr to 5000 Cr is expected from this business itself. However, DoT is not taking any action on this proposal having huge potential.
7. (a) Ensure financial viability of BSNL, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers, at the time of formation of BSNL. (b) Issue letter of comfort for BSNLs proposals for taking bank loans. (c) Expeditiously fill up all vacant post of BSNL Board of Directors. At the time of formation of BSNL, Govt declared that the financial viability of BSNL will be fully taken care of. On the other hand, DoT is involved in paralyzing the growth of BSNL, policy makers in other crucial wings of the Government like Niti Aayog are colluding and conspiring to destabilize BSNL. All other private operators were adequately compensated to the tune of thousands of crores through unbelievable policy concessions, BSNL is even denied Letter of Comfort for availing Bank Loans, that also continuously for two years, 2017-18 and 2018-19. DoT, intentionally not allowing BSNL to avail Bank loans for expanding the network or to meet the urgent operational requirements. As per the data shared by the Govt in the Parliament recently, Reliance –Jio which entered into Telecom market just in Sept, 2016, Bharati Airtel, Vodafone Idea, RCom etc having a market liability of 6 lakhs Crores, even crossing the ceiling set by RBI for Telecom sector where as BSNL is having just 11,500 Crores. This whole amount from private operators is going to become NPAs. The details are shown below: Borrowings (in Crores) BSNL Reliance Jio Bharati Airtel Idea 2017-18 9,352 48,455 62,536 56,963 Total Loan 11,500 87,425 1,60,300 1,38,300 Private operators are indiscriminately extended financial assistance by the financial institutions, whereas BSNL is being deliberately forced to starve and eventually die by the policy makers at the highest levels of the Government. Non filling of key Director Board positions like Director (Finance) for the last 5 years etc are to be read together, clearly establishing the Govt role in weakening BSNL.
8. Scrap BSNLs outsourcing for the operation and maintenance of its mobile towers. The BSNL Management has planned to outsource the maintenance of BSNLs towers for exorbitant rates, for which huge amount have to be paid annually. At the beginning itself, the AUAB has opposed this. But, the BSNL Management is going ahead with the agenda. Absolutely there is no need for the Company to spend such a huge amount, more importantly at a time when it is facing a serious financial crisis.
Comrades, the strike from 18.02.2019 onwards has to send loud and clear message to the Government as well as the Telecom Policy makers at the highest level, that the employees are fully determined to expose and defeat sinister policies of the Government to weaken, destabilize and finally privatize BSNL and that we are ready to fearlessly tread miles and miles to safeguard our beloved company from disintegration.

Chennai Telephones Administration has approved procurement of Diary for the Executives. All the District Secretaries are requested to process the case PGM/Sr.GM/GM wise, as mentioned in the letter.

SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. Our special wishes to Com.S.Sivasamy AGM FBR GSM, Com.G.Madeswaran AGM EB, Com.S.Jayanthi ADY Intl, Com.P.Somasundaram AGM PML, Com.G.C.Pitchaiammal SDE AMB and Com.S.Manonmani SDE CSC GRD. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.



Beware of the mal-propaganda by the so called saviours of DRs and BRs, just for the sake of luring membership.

It has come to the notice of CHQ that lot of mal-propaganda unleashed by the sections about JTO to SDE promotions, who are directly responsible for the mess in JTO to SDE promotions, creating innumerable obstacles from 2007 onwards in the form of court cases. When they miserably failed in other fronts, they resorted to court cases which ultimately hit the career of thousands of seniors, juniors, young and old JTOs. Thousands lost their lifetime dream of a promotion as SDE before their retirement and thousands lost their precious service as SDE which will delay all their future promotions.

They attribute each and everything which is not settled so far like E2/E3 scales, pay parity, 3rd PRC, promotion for the remaining Executives, ---- etc as failure of SNEA, without doing anything.

Conveniently, they will not even mention about the issues settled by SNEA like a) contribution towards growth related issues of BSNL, b) E1A and E2A pay scales for all in 2002 without discrimination, c) EPF full pension without the ceiling of Rs 6500, d) EPP 2007, d) BSNLMS RR 2009, e) SCF and LDCE promotions in various cadres, f) LDCE Exam for JTO to SDE promotion made objective type and very transparent, g) settlement of pay anomaly of 2005 batch, h) no MT, i) amendment in BSNLMS RR for changing the quota from 50% to 75%, j) JTO RR amendment, k) E2/E3 scales approval by BSNL, l) 5% contribution on SAB, m) CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approval, n) more than 13,500 promotions this year, o) GTI, etc. Rather, they will try to take credit for everything settled.

Their ideology is very simple: “DO NOTHING, TAKE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING”.

This is compelling SNEA to explain the Executives about the negative role played by the so called well wishers of DRs and BRs for the last few years, especially in JTO to SDE promotion. The present mal-propaganda is simply to confuse the JTOs for the sake of membership.

How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?

Let us see what the so called saviors of DRs done for the JTO cadre? (changed DRs to BRs sometime back and now again changed to all Executives. After 17 years, they realized that all the Executives in BSNL are BRs and they are not untouchables)

I. In 2007, LDCE from JTO to SDE notified for the vacancies upto 2004-05. Due to the efforts of SNEA, 2005-06 vacancy year also got included for which 2001 rect JTOs are eligible.The same section filed court cases in different CATs for stalling the LDCE but could not succeed fully due to the efforts of SNEA. After some delay, SNEA ensured conduction of LDCE and promotion orders issued in November, 2008 and about 900 JTOs of 2001 rect itself passed the LDCE.

II. In 2010, two court cases filed at CAT, Chennai with the following prayers:

a) 1:1 interpolation between Dept promote JTOs of 1995 batch and DR JTOs of 2001 batch and so on.

b) Instead of training centre marks, date of joining should be the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority.

c) Reservation roster is not followed.

Both the cases dismissed by the Hon CAT after 3 years, a big ACHIEVEMENT!

During the interim period, promotion orders issued on 30.03.2011 for the vacancies upto 2008-09 and part of 1995 rect JTOs got promotion. After few weeks, the promotion orders stayed which continued till July, 2013.

III. Immediately after that, cases filed at CAT, Ernakulam with the same prayers (first two prayers) which are dismissed by the Chennai CAT. Meantime, EKM CAT stayed operation of the AIEL for the promotion.

Subsequent AIEL could not prepare due to court cases. However by 2014, the AIEL for the JTOs upto 2001 recruitment year prepared and published for the vacancies of 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.

If the stay orders are not issued by Ernakulam CAT, all the vacancies upto 2013-14 would have filled and promotions orders would have issued in 2014 itself for the JTOs upto 2001 year.

The LDCE also could have conducted parallally for all the vacancy years.

Hon CAT dismissed the petitions on both grounds!

IV. Another court case filed challenging the excess promotion of the JTOs working in supernumerary posts. All the three court cases at CAT and High Court continued till the judgment on 05.06.2018.

All the three prayers rejected by Hon HC, inter-se seniority quashed for DRs and excess promotes and directed to fix the inter-se seniority of Direct rect and excess promotes by date of appointment/promotion. Hon HC did not disturb the inter-se seniority of the promotees recruited within their quota.

In the meantime more than 3,000 JTOs in the AIEL retired without getting a single promotion, another achievement for them!

The promotion order for the remaining JTOs upto 1999 rect year (part) issued on 15.06.2018 for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy year. The promotion for the JTOs of remaining rect years from 2001 onwards held up due to quashing of seniority on the Direct Rect JTOs by the High Court.

If there was no court cases, all JTOs including 2008 and part of 2012 rect year would have become SDEs from the years 2014 onwards through SCF or LDCE, in the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

They did not played the same game of court cases in the case of JAO to AO promotion. So, all the JAOs upto 2012 rect also got the promotion as AO. See the difference!

Now also they are trying to delay the JTO to SDE promotions by fighting with the management in the court, in the name of contempt petition. All these are done mainly by some SDEs through remote control who are not going to lose anything as they got the promotion and seniority.

Beware of the mal-propaganda and read How they intentionally stopped the promotions through court cases?


SNEA extends solidarity and support to the General Strike by Central Trade Unions on 08-09, January, 2019.


No disinvestment/strategic sale of CPSUs,

Strict enforcement of labour laws,

Minimum wages/pension etc.