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Last Updated on 01.07.2019 - 03:03 PM
The CHTD administration issued orders for DGM(LA) for 11 AGMs.

SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. Our special wishes to the Comrades R.Venkatramanan DGM KAL, G.Kesavan DGM Vigilence, Kamala Raghunathan DGM ADY, T.Nagendran AGM GSM A/T, V.Kalyanaraman AGM BSS TBM, P.Velladurai SDE TXM KOY and S.Uma JTO FBR Tandem. We also wish Com.D.Raman SDE Duct on VR today and Com.A.Divya JTO Mktg-CM on resignation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.


CHQ News:

Modalities for settlement of welfare claims through LIC.The following documents are required for settlement of the claims by LIC. CSs may forward the welfare claim application with the following documents:

1. Death Certificate.

2. KYC (copy of Aadhar/PAN etc) of the deceased employee and the nominee.

3. Cancelled cheque of the nominee.

The welfare claim amount increased from Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

Every month, the list of members for whom subscription is deducted from salary is submitted to the LIC along with the premium for their coverage. Those names available in the list only will be eligible for welfare claims hereafter. So all the Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries are instructed to ensure that new members and those who are not in check off system is brought under check off system every month.

It is regret to inform that Com.V.Harikrishnan AO EB passed away yesterday due to illness. The funeral ceremony will be held today at 1400 hrs. He was active member of SNEA and he was holding the post of Divisional Secretary (EB). Address Thambusamy Road Telephone Quarters, near Millers Road Admin office. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. Let his soul be rest in peace.

South District GB meeting was held on 18.06.2019 at Chromepet Exchange. The meeting was presided by Com.K.K.Swaminathan. CP,VP,CS,CTr,ACS Com.G.Seralathan, Com.D.Rajkumar OS, DS(South) and Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan CWC Member attended the meeting. Most of the south area executives attended the meeting. All the members in a single voice said we have been asked to submit various types of reports in Whatsapp and Google Sheet daily. The formats of requested reports are getting changed very frequently; they are changed even before the receipt of the reports requested earlier. Updating reports in google sheet is nothing but sharing information to private firm. When we have sufficient number of reports are available in the CDR package, why to waste time and energy of executives in furnishing similar reports. Whether the reports sent by the filed units are analyzed or not. Generally the primary cable fault will only be booked under MSO so that the complaints for numbers working in the MF group need not be booked. Field Executives are instructed to book MSO even for DP fault. While submitting contractor bills, the MSO particulars should also be enclosed, otherwise the bills will not be approved for payment. The MSO faults are more in South and West area only. If any fault is booked under MSO (MF/Pillar/DP/etc), then no other customer in the DP,Pillar, MF group can book complaints. We are blocking the customer to register his complaint in other way we are allowing customer to close his line. The field executives are spending their own money to rectify FTTH faults and other needy things to rectify faults. The DLC team needs to be used for attending FTTH faults and for provisioning new FTTH connections rather they are being used for compilation of reports. Earlier area PGM gave approval for Patrolling, and the same is now stopped. Many cables are damaged by civic authorities. PGM further instructed to file FIR so as to collect damage charges from the contractor who damaged the cable. The executives are making sincere attempts to file FIR, but in the police station they do not file FIR rater they give CSR. The field executives are not allowed to work in the field rather they have been instructed to furnish reports. CS after listening the members problem assured to take up the issue at appropriate level. CS informed to members, we have to put more effort in constructive way so as to increase the revenue and in turn good services to the satisfaction of customer. CS further informed to members, if the issue is not settled we will go ahead with trade union programs. All the members said in a single voice we will extend cent percent support. Vote of thanks delivered by Com.D.Rajkumar OS.

CP,VP,CS,CTr,ACSs Com.G.K.Saravanan & Com.G.Seralathan and CWC Member Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan met GM(Hr&Admn) on 15.06.2019. During the meeting issuing DGM(LA) order was discussed.

First COB meeting held on 11.06.2019 at Annaroad. CP welcomed all and presided over the meeting. CS thanked all the committee chairman and its members for their best effort in conducting the conference a grand success. CS thanked all the BSs/DSs/COBs/CEC/CWC members who have made the conference a grand success. CS thanked all the members who have participated enthusiastically and made the open session a great success. During the meeting the area of allocation for the ACSs and OSs are made as follows:
1. Com. G.K. Saravanan ACS -- in charge for GSM/Mktg/EB/ Development /Administration/HQ/Misc
2. Com. A.S.Suresh ACS -- in charge for North and West Business Areas
3. Com. G.Seralathan ACS -- in charge for South and Central Busines Areas
Organising Secretaries:
1. Com. D.Soundarajan -- in charge for Central BA
2. Com. Buddadev Gantayat -- in charge for West, GSM, HQ and Misc
3. Com. S.Boobalan -- in charge for North BA and Finance
4. Com.D.Rajkumar -- in charge for South BA
The following members have been elected as Circle Executive Members
1. Com. Nithya Viswaroopananda AGM CO SE
2. Com. A.Ayub Khan AGM KKN TXM
3. Com. M. Jayaraj AGM EB
4. Com. Matheswaran AGM EB
5. Com. M.Selvarj JTO BB
6. Com. K.Murali II JTO RTTC
7. Com. Kala Sivaraman AO IA
8. Com. S. Uma Maheswari JTO CSC GRD
9. Com. Balaji JTO DLC West
10. Com. Venkatachalam AGM Kellys Intl
11. Com. Sundarapandian JTO BSS TBM
12. Com. Gopinath JTO Insp Circle
13. Com. B. Ahmed JAO

Vote of thanks delivered by Com. G.K.Saravanan ACS.

Com.S.Radhakrishnan CP, Com.P.Charles CS, Com.A.Vasanthakumar CTr along-with all the COBs and CWC members met CGM on 03.06.2019 after conference. CS felicitated CGM. CP handed over conference momento to CGM. CS informed that the delay in vendor payments has created unrest among the field officers. CGM responded positively and informed that we have requested fund from BSNL CO. CGM further informed that we should not do any sort of negative marketing w.r.t our company. CS appreciated the initiative taken by CGM regarding meeting with police and corporation authorities. Definitely the meeting will help the field units for obtaining road cutting permission, etc. CGM requested us to work united and bring CHTD to positive. CS assured to CGM that we will extend full support in bringing CHTD to positive. CS requested to fill up all the existing DGM vacancies including CPT and KCM. CGM informed that already instructed administration to do the needful.

The entire team met DGM(HR&Admn) and requested to expedite the process of DGM(LA). Madam responded positively.

Dear Comrades,
7th Circle Conference of SNEA`s Chennai TD Circle was held at Bharathi Ram Kalyanamandapam, West Mambalam, Chennai 600 033 on 30th and 31st May 2019.
President Com.M.K.Veerapandian hoisted the SNEA flag.
Veteran leader and Kashmir Lion Com.G.L.Jogi inaugurated the Conference.
President Com.M.K.Veerapandian presided over the delegate session.
Circle Secretary`s report presented by Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS and Financial report presented by Com.G.Elavarasan Circle Treasurer, were unanimously adopted by the representative council.
View the CS report.
Com.M.Kanniappan CS/BSNLEU, Com.J.Badrinarayanan CS/AIBSNLEA, Com.S.Lingamurthy CS/FNTO, Com.S.Uma Chandran CS/AIGETOA, Com.Sundaramurthy CP/TEPU, Com.M.Vijayakumar CS/AIBSNLOA and Com.R.Adi Govind CS/TSOA have attended and greeted the Conference. The Conference was attended by Veteran leader Com.G.L.Jogi, Com.K.Sebastin GS, Com.R.Rajan CHQ Treasurer and Com.A. Chandrasekar JS(South). 
Open Session:
Circle President presided over the impressive Open session held in the evening on 30th May.
CS presented the Key Note address.
More than 300 members have enthusiastically participated in the open session.
Shri.P.Santhosam CGM ChTD,  Sh.Shashikant GM(HR&A) and CHQ Office Bearers addressed the open session. 
Veteran leaders Com.S.Sundar, Com.M.Munusamy, Com.S.Venkatraman, Com.N.Chitti Babu, Com.S.Sundara Rajan, and Com.M.Kanniappan CS/BSNLEU and Com.J.Badrinarayanan CS/AIBSNLEA attended the open session.
Vote of thanks delivered by Com.S.Radhakrishnan CP.
View the key note address.
Veteran leader Com.G.L.Jogi in his address strongly pointed out the policy violations by the Government favouring the growth of private operators. Finally he insisted that we should be prepared for valient struggles and requested not to loose confidence. 
General Secretary Com.K.Sebastin explained in detail about the HR issues like Promotions in various cadre, E2/E3 payscales, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees,  CPSU Cadre hierarchy, etc.
Felicitations to Retired office bearers:
The Retired office bearers Com.M.K.Veerapandian Circle President,
Com. Olly Vice President, Com.R.Ramasamy CEC Member, Com.I.Krishnakumar CEC Member, Com.G.J.Williams BS CGM office, Com.Jayakumar BS CPT and Com.D.Vasugi BS KLYS were felicitated in the Conference. Com.I.Krishnakumar donated Rs.5000/- and Com.G.J.Willams donated Rs.1000/- for the conference.
Circle Office Bearers:
The following members were unanimously elected as Circle Office Bearers for the next term.
1. Com. S.Radhakrishnan          AGM    Circle President
2. Com. G.Elavarasan              AGM    Vice President
3. Com. P.Charles                  AGM    Circle Secretary
4. Com. A.Vasantha Kumar         AGM   Circle Treasurer
5. Com. G.K.Saravanan             AGM   Asst. Circle Secretary
6. Com. A.S.Suresh                SDE    Asst. Circle Secretary
7. Com. G.Seralathan              SDE    Asst. Circle Secretary
8. Com. D.Soundarajan             SDE    Organising Secretary
9. Com. Buddhadev Gantayat        SDE   Organising Secretary
10. Com. D.Rajkumar               JTO   Organising Secretary
11. Com. S.Boobalan               JAO   Organising Secretary 

CWC Members:
1. Com. A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan AGM
2. Com. K.K.Joshi            JTO

31-05-2019 SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. Our special wishes to Com.M.Thirumurthy Kumar DGM Mktg, Com.I.Krishnakumar AGM Admin, Com.N.Rangarajan AGM RBN Com.K.Palainivel SDE MMR, Com.N.Anuradha SDE BCCS, Com.V.Sushila SDE coml west  and Com.S.Nalini JTO. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

St.Thomas Mount branch AGB held on 17.05.2019 at mount. Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS, Com.G.Elavarasan CTr and Com.R.Raman DS(South) attended and addressed the meeting. During the meeting local issues were discussed mainly regarding reports. The following members have been elected unanimously as office bearers  for the next term:
President            : Com.K.K.Swaminathan AGM
Secretary            : Com. K.Chittibabu SDE
Treasurer            : Com. C.Ramamani SDE

West District conference held on 22.05.2016 at Hotel Sangeetha. CP,CS, CTr,ACSs Com.P.Charles, Com.A.Vasanthakumar and Com.S.Radhakrishnan attended and addressed the meeting.
The following members have been elected unanimously as district office bearers for the next term:
President     : Com.S.Senthilkumar SDE UTM
Vice President: Com.L.B.Raju AGM KDM
Secretary     : Com.L.Venugopal SDE WKK
ADS           : Com.V.Ethirajan SDE KCM
ADS           : Com. Ayyappan JTO SPD
ADS            : Com. Velayutham JTO TTN
Treasurer     : Com. Kanagam SDE

Ambattur branch AGB held on 24.05.2019 at Ambattur. Com. S.Radhakrishnan ACS, Com.G.Elavarasan CTr and Com.A.S.Suresh DS(North) attended and addressed the meeting. During the meeting the following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers for the next term.
President   : Com.K.S.Achutharaman AGM
Secretary  : Com.L.Sriram SDE
Treasurer  : Com. J.Meena JTO
ADS       : Com. Dakshinamurthy

07-05-2019 It is regret to inform that father of Com.Senthil Kumar DS West expired today. Our heartfelt condolences to him and his family members. Let his father`s soul be rest in peace.

29-04-2019 SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who are retiring today on superannuation. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. Our special wishes to Com.R.Lakshmi Narayanan SDE A/T, Com.K.Uma AGM NE, Com.R.Jayanthi AGM KKN Extl and G.Devarajulu JTO EB. We wish all of them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Dear comrades,
As decided in the CEC meeting held on 03.04.2019, the Circle Conference date is finalized during the COB meeting held on 15.04.2019. The Circle Conference date is 30.05.2019 and 31.05.2019 and same is notified. Pre-Conference CEC meeting will be held on 29.05.2019@1000 hrs at SNEA, Bhawan.

During the COB meeting the following committees have been formed:

I. Reception Committee: Chairman-Com.S.Radhakrishnan ACS
1. A.S.Suresh DS North
2. C.Olly VP
3. Buddhadev Gantayat Area Secretary
4. R.Raman DS South
5. S.Agilavani BS CMT
6. Jayanthi Gopalan BS RKN GSM
7. L.Sriram BS AMB
8. K.Ravichandran BS ANR
9. A.K.Suresh Babu BS MBM

II. Food Committee     : Chairman-Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS
1. M.Selvaraj CEC Member
2. L.Venugopal Area Secretary
3. S.Boobalan BS FBR
4. K.Murali CEC Member
5. A.Ayub Khan Area Secretary
6. P.Rajesh DS GSM
7. Muthukrishnan BS ADY
8. P.Karthikeyan BS ARD
9. S.Balakrishnan BS INSP
10. D.Rajkumar BS CPT
11. Selvam Kannappan BS KCM
12. Kamal BS TVR

III.Transport Committee : Chairman--Com.G.K.Saravanan CWC Member
1. D.Soundarajan Area Secretary
2. K.Raju DS Central
3. Ganesan Area Secretary
4. R.Kalaiselvan BS HRD
5. S.Kumar BS KAL
6. P.Bhaskaran BS CGM Office
7. G.Venkatesh BS KKN

IV. Stage(Event) Committee : Chairman--Com.P.Charles ACS.
1. M.Jayaraj Area Secretary
2. S.Senthilkumar DS West
3. M.Purushothaman DS Circle Office
4. N.Gopal Rao BS KLY
5. S.Prathabkumar BS EB
6. S.Bharath BS HRD GSM
7. M.Hemlal BS KKN GSM
8. D.Thirunavukarasu BS FBR GSM

All the Branches are requested to conduct meetings and elect delegates as per our constitution. Branch/District resolutions should reach to CS on or before 10.05.2019 to include in the circle conference.

All the Circle Office Bearers/CWC/CEC Members/District/Branch Secretaries are ex-officio delegates sharing the voting strength of the District/Branch to which they belong.

The number of delegates to be elected shall be computed on the basis of one for every 15 paid up members or part thereof being not less than 10 subject to a minimum of one per Branch.