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Dear Comrades,

As per the decision of All India AUAB, our Chennai AUAB has decided that on 11.2.2020 Lunch Hour demonstration will be held at CGM Office, Pursaiwalkam at 13.30 hrs. Kindly participate all our Circle, District , Branch  level leaders and Retiree executives members to success the demonstration.

 (1)      Immediate payment of salary for the months of December, 2019 & January,              2020, as  well as prompt payment of salary every month.

(2)      Immediate clearance of the dues, already deducted from the salaries of 

(3)      Immediate launching of BSNL’s 4G service.

(4)      Immediate granting of sovereign guarantee for issuing of bonds by BSNL.

(5)      Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).

(6)      No whimsical transfer of employees, consequent to the implementation 
           of VRS.  


The Circle Conference of Sanchar Nigam Pensioners Welfare Association (SNPWA) of Tamilnadu Circle was held at Chennai on 08.02.2020. This was the first Circle Conference of SNPWA after its recent formation.

GS, CHQ Treasurer, CSs of TN and CHTD Circles of SNEA addressed the Conference. Com G L Jogi/GS, Com K D Sebastian/CHQ President, Com Jayraman/Jt Sec(S), Com Veerapandyan/AGS, Com Gopinathan/TN Circle Coordinator, Com M H Gombi/ KTK Circle Coordinator are the leaders of SNPWA addressed the Conference. Shri T. Santhosham/CGM CHTD and Shri Chittaranjan Pradhan/CCA TN were the main speakers from Govt/management side. CCA TN in his address elaborated the activities going on to make the payments in time. GPF and Ex-gratia payment will be done in time schedule announced by DoT/BSNL. Adhoc pension will be paid from February onwards.

SNPWA was formed under the leadership of Com G L Jogi mainly for 

i)  Focussing on Pension revision by delinking from Pay Revision and 

ii) Joining hands with the serving employees in its struggle for BSNL revival. Our Bangalore CWC decided to extend all possible support to SNPWA.






31-12-2019 May the new year fill your heart with all the joy and bring you pleasure and profitable news all year round. Happy New Year 2020!

14-12-2019 Clarification from BSNLCO regarding mandatory training for Employees who have opted VRS.     << VRS-2019 FAQ3 >>


Suggestions regarding Post VRS BSNL, BY GS 


AUAB given call for Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 04.12.2019 demanding:

1. Immediate salary payment for October and November, 2019.

2. No discrimination in salary payment between BSNL employees and the ITS Officers on deputation.

AUAB notice to Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL 

On behalf of CHTD Lunch Hour  Demonstration will be held at Anna Road

Telephone Exchange at 13:00 hrs.


CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting will be held at New Delhi on 25th November, 2019, 10.00 am.

Venue will be announced soon.


1. Immediate measures to be taken for the maintenance of services before the implementation of VRS.

2. Organizational issues arising out of VRS. 


Director(HR) invited SNEA for discussion on the implementation of the new non-post based promotion policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018. PGM (Pers), GM (SR) and CGM/MH Circle present during discussions. We had elaborate discussion on the matter for more than 2 hrs. The discussion will continue after 03.12.2019, after the VRS window is closed. For facilitating the discussion, as per the opinion of the CHQ OBs and CSs reached at New Delhi for participating the Hunger Fast, SNEA decided to defer the agitation programme from tomorrow, 26.11.2019 for the time being.

08-11-2019 VRS 2019 INSTRUCTIONS by Admin  Click 


Meeting with Hon MoC, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on 04.11.2019:

THIS IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR BSNL REVIVAL. BSNL is to utilise it. Govt is having huge expectation on BSNL and its employees on Revival. Accountability will be fixed starting from the top. BSNL is a strategic CPSU. BSNL will not be closed down, disinvested or handed over to a third party ----- Hon Minister.

BSNL management arranged a meeting between the Union & Association leaders and the Hon Minister. GS and President attended, representing SNEA. Secretary, DoT, Director(HR)/ BSNL, Jt Secretary (A), DDG(PM), GM(SR) etc attended the meeting.

Hon Minister informed that during his earlier tenure, he fully supported BSNL and made it operational profit. He explained the BSNL Revival package and informed AUAB that it has approved with the specific intervention of Hon PM and the Hon Home Minister when stiff opposition was there from many quarters. BSNL is a strategic CPSU. A strong PSU is required for fair competition in the sector. Govt is have full faith on BSNL employees and BSNL can be turn around and regain its pristine glory. Land monetization will be done through DIPAM but the proceeds will directly come to BSNL instead of going to the Consolidated Fund of India. Govt will fully support BSNL. Management and the employees are to utilise this opportunity, the last opportunity, Minister reiterated. Accountability will be fixed from top to bottom. The quality of service is to be improved drastically. Various Depts, Banks etc will be asked to use BSNL services.

AUAB mentioned about the various initiative taken by the employees in the past like “Customer Delight Year”, “Service With a Smile”, “BSNL at Your Doorstep” etc focussing on marketing and improving the quality of service. Employees will continue their efforts and assured full involvement.

Leaders demanded 3rd PRC along with VRS for making it more attractive but Minister was not at all positive. Discussed Pension Revision, Pension contribution, 4G launching, Restructuring and transformation as a CPSU, exemption of Ex-gratia from IT etc. On 4G launching, customers are started approaching BSNL for 4G services. In Phase VII and VIII tender, the equipments procured are 4G compatible, about 50,000 such BTSs are there. By small software and hardware change, 4G can be launched in all the cities/towns/locations etc. We demanded early launching.

On the specific issue of Retirement age reduction, Minister informed that it is part of the Cabinet decision. Govt want to see that the VRS become a big success and for that purpose very attractive package, best in the history of any CPSU, is approved for BSNL employees. Revival of BSNL depends on its success, Minister told. If VRS is not successful, the second option is there.

Hon Minister appealed all the Union & Assn leaders to make the BSNL Revival package and the VRS successful.


Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 07.11.2019: GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao, Com Dilip Saha, Com Sanjeev Sharma, Com R S Kolapkar, Jt Sec(N) Com I H Mandal and CP/CTD Com Sankar Sanyal met CMD and held discussion on the following issues:

1) DE to DGM promotions: We once again requested for clearing the proposal for conduction of DPC. CMD informed that the file is not with him. CMD is of the opinion is that all the eligible DEs are getting promotion without any dropping and merit is getting compromised. We told CMD that the attendant conditions are very stringent for DGM promotion which is equivalent to GM/CGM promotion and promotion is for the Executives completed 30 to 35 years of service. If the promotion is at the right time say after 20 years of service or so, merit is having meaning but delaying the promotion after putting 35 years of service is not justified. Further SNEA is not against the merit on promotion but it is to be discussed and decided later. BSNL is extracting work from them as DGM on LA basis for years together and delaying the promotion on flimsy grounds is simply harassment. It is come to know that the proposal returned with certain queries.

Immediately after the meeting, DIR(HR) resubmitted the file to CMD replying the queries.

2) Promotion in the remaining cadres and implementation of the new promotion policy (amendment to the EPP-2007) approved by the Board: Today the CHQ OBs taken it as an opportunity to explain the issue to CMD. In earlier occasions, CMD was evading the matter, may be due to his pre-appointment on BSNL Revival related issues. We reminded CMD that promotion is also equally important for the Revival as the Executives are demoralised now. Thousands of young Executives having 10 to 18 years of service are waiting but management is not taking any action for their promotion? Further another 4000 Executives are retiring through VRS who had put 10 to 30 years of service and waiting for the promotions for years together.

When Govt has given an attractive VRS package, management has to respect them and give them the deserving promotion before their retirement for their service. Instead of implementing the new promotion policy as decided by the Board, management is sitting over the proposal which is agitating the Executives.

Today also CMD is telling us that no one told him about the policy approved by the Board, even after our notice, several letters, several meetings etc!

CMD was non committal on both the issues further strengthening our doubts that management is not interested in promotions and trying to complete the restructuring and VRS before any promotion. However we are making all efforts for getting the promotion orders issued through discussion and looking forward for the developments for another couple of days.

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL regarding Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019: Urgent clarification required on the following points – 2nd letter. 

GS letter to CMD

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR): GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao, Com Dilip Saha, Com Sanjeev Sharma, Com Pandurang Nayak, Com R S Kolapkar, Jt Sec(N) Com I H Mandal, CS/KTK Com Jagdale and CP/CTD Com Sankar Sanyal met DIR(HR) and held discussion on the following issues:

Some of the CHQ OBs and CSs reached New Delhi as per the original schedule for participating in the Hunger Fast from 04.11.19:

1) Implementation of the non-post based promotion policy approved by the BSNL Board w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

The details of the amendments made in the EPP-2007 by the Board explained to Director by the CHQ OBs. Director also sought certain doubts and clarified on the reservation issue where we explained that the reservation policies of the Govt should be strictly followed as prevailing in the CPSUs and it can be incorporated in the policy as approved by the Board. We demanded that it should be implemented before the restructuring and VRS so that the remaining Executives can be motivated to take the challenges and those taking VRS can retire in a dignified manner.

We expressed our serious concern on the delay on the abnormal delay in giving promotions to all the eligible Executives and the DGM promotion which is creating unrest among the Executives.

2) DE to DGM promotion: Director assured early action and approval of the CMD at the earliest.

3) Various doubts on the VRS scheme: Director was very positive and asked us to submit the queries immediately so that it can be replied at the earliest.


VRS: Guidelines on VRS under Gujarat model issued by DPE.

(DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-XXII dated 5th May, 2000)

(i) The compensation will consist of salary of 35 days for every completed year of service and 25 days for the balance of service left until Superannuation. The compensation will be subject to a minimum of Rs. 25,000/- or 250 days salary whichever is higher. However, this compensation shall not exceed the sum of the salary that the employee would draw at the prevailing level for the balance of the period left before superannuation.

(ii) Salary for purpose of VRS will consist of basic pay and DA only.

(iii) Arrears of wages due to revision etc. will not be included in computing the eligible amount.

6. The compensation under VRS/VSS will be in addition to terminal benefits.


(DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)GL-XXXV dated 8th December, 2000)

1. Whether allowances like Personal Pay, HRA, NPA, Family Planning increment are to be included for computation of ex-gratia?

Basic pay plus DA only is to be taken into account for computation of ex-gratia under VRS.

2. Whether the post of the employee who has taken VRS is to be abolished?

There shall be no recruitment against vacancies arising out of VRS.

3. Whether any arrears of ex-gratia are to be paid in the event of pay revision being sanctioned subsequent to voluntary separation?

Ex-gratia will be re-calculated on the basis of revised pay scale and the difference be paid.

4. Can notice pay in lieu of notice and TA for settling in the Home Town or elsewhere be paid to the employees who are to opt or have opted for VRS?

One month/three months notice pay (as per service conditions applicable to the employees) may be paid. TA for the employees and family would also be admissible to the place where he intends to settle down after taking VRS. For this purpose, the entitlement will include transportation cost of personal effects and travelling cost of self and family members, as admissible under the entitled classes.

5. Under the Gujarat pattern, will the compensation for the balance service be calculated @ 25 days for every year of service left?

Compensation under VRS modelled on the Gujarat pattern will consist of salary of 35 days for every year of service completed and 25 days for every year of service left until superannuation.

8. Whether PF, leave encashment, gratuity, notice pay, LTC are payable to employees in case of voluntary retirement?

These are to be paid to the employees opting for VRS as per the provisions of the relevant statutes and the service conditions. These are outside the computation of ex-gratia on voluntary retirement.


(DPE O.M. No.2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-LVI dated 6th November, 2001)

c) Under the Gujarat pattern, the salary for VRS/VSS shall be calculated on the basis of 30 days in a month and not 26 days. Consequently, the method of calculation of ex-gratia for VRS and VSS shall be similar.

VRS FAQ  VRS DPE OM dated 08.12.2000 Consolidated instructions by DPE

VRS: Various Groups formed by BSNL to monitor VRS activities.

2nd Membership verification: Suggestions regarding postponement till VRS implementation.

VRS monitoring groups  2nd MV postponement

BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019: Notification of the Scheme and Circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees....View Notification       View Annexure


Relay Hunger Fast from 04th to 08th November, 2019 and Indefinite Fast from 11.11.19 onwards demanding implementation of BSNL Board approved promotion policy w.e.f 01.07.2018:

BSNL management made a target of November,2019 to complete the restructuring of BSNL and decide the number of posts. It means the posts will almost reduce by 50%.

Comrades, this struggle is for the youngsters, the future generation who has to take the company forward. It is for a honourable retirement for the seniors who put their life for BSNL. Promotion and career growth is for motivating the remaining Executives to face the future challenges and work load in BSNL, post VRS scenario. Restructuring and VRS will lead to drastic Post reduction almost by 50%. There will not be any retirement vacancy also in the near future as most of the seniors may take VRS and that post also will get abolished.

The possibility of any promotion in the future, other than the new policy is ruled out due to court cases. For example, the court cases on JTO to SDE promotion is still continuing, for the last 10 years, from 2009 to 2019 at Chennai and Kerala which almost killed the career prospects of thousands of JTOs recruited from 1993 to 2008 batch. Otherwise all the JTOs upto 2010 rect year could have become SDE through SCF/LDCE by 2018 or earlier. Now all the vacancies also vanish on restructuring and VRS. Eventhough we are pursued JTO to SDE promotion, recently management taken a decision that it cannot be possible unless and until court direction comes in favour of BSNL. Similar for other cadres also.

Still, anyone harping on post based promotion is either does not know what is happening in BSNL in restructuring front or they may be deliberately doing it to befool his colleagues for the reasons best known to them.


Payment of electricity bills:

Comrades, Govt has taken a very good initiative, writing to all State Govts not to disconnect electricity connections due to non payment till 31.03.2020. Secretary, DoT written to all the Chief Secretaries in this regard. Further Hon MoC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad  written to all the State Chief Ministers also in this regard. This is a very good gesture from Govt of India. Further it is written not to levy penal interest on BSNL and make the payments due towards BSNL on priority.

It has to be pursued with State Govts and State Electricity Boards/Corporations by the CGMs. We have to purse the matter till it materialises.  If any difficulty is faced with State Govt, it may be reported to BSNLCO so that further intervention from DoT can be sought.

Hereafter payment of electricity bills will not be priority as BSNLCO planning to utilise the fund for other maintenance activities for the remaining months.

BSNL connection to other Govt Depts:

As part of Revival package, Govt also decided in principle to direct all the Govt Depts and State Govts to take BSNL landline and BB connections. As and when 4G roll out happens and quality attains, BSNL mobile services also will become mandatory.

This is another big decision in favour of BSNL.

Prior to that BSNL has to make mandatory for its own Officers and staff to use BSNL connection!