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All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to collect the subscription upto September 2015 and Circle Conference donation of Rs.500/- from each member. They are requested to remit the amount to Circle Treasurer before 31.08.2015.


Strike by Central trade Unions on 02nd September, 2015.

Central Trade unions are going for one day strike on 02.09.2015. The strike is against the anti employee policies of the Govt, against disinvestment of CPSUs, minimum wages hike for the labourers etc.

SNEA(I) decided to provide Solidarity support to the strike by joining the demonstrations with the striking employees.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes our CWC member Com.S.Venkatraman DGM(IT) a veteran leader, Com.Gomathy Swaminathan AGM BP, Com.Santhanam SDE S&M-CM,Com.S.Rajendran SDE OPG, Com.P.Sundararajan JTO CDMA FBR and Com.P.Vijayalakshmi JTO CMT Intl on their superannuation today. Office bearers met on 29.08.2015 at K.K.Nagar and CS felicitated Com.S.Venkatraman DGM IT in his Chamber. Com.S.Venkatraman is very sincere, dedicated and honest officer. He is very good leader. We wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life. SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones also wishes all other staff who retire today we wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Our Divisional Secretary (FBR) Com.K.Nagalingam`s Daughter wedding Reception on 29th August 2015 @ 6 pm  at HOTEL GRAND PALACE, 257 G.S.T ROAD, NEAR MIT GATE, CHEROMPET, CHENNAI 600 044. We wish the bride and groom A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE

26-08-2015 Order issued for counseling of SDEs to transfer SDEs from Chennai to CPT SSA.

JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon CAT, Chandigarh on 25.08.2015:
The case could not take up as the bench is not sitting today. Hon. CAT, Chandigarh stayed the JTO to SDE promotion with reservation under 67% seniority quota on 21.07.2015 without implementing the Hon Supreme Court order on Nagaraju case where Hon court directed to certify there is backwardness as well as shortage before providing reservations in promotions.

JTO to SDE Promotion case at Hon CAT, Chandigarh: The court case and stay on promotions under 67% quota with reservation at Hon Chandigarh CAT is coming today, 25.08.2015. Hon CAT, Chandigarh stayed the JTO to SDE promotion with reservation under 67% seniority quota on 21.07.2015 without implementing the Hon Supreme Court order on Nagaraju case where Hon court directed to certify there is backwardness as well as shortage before providing reservations in promotions. Similar stay order is issued for JTO to SDE LDCE promotion, JAO to AO promotion, AO to CAO promotion etc.

JTO TO SDE CASE: BSNL side requested time to file the counter reply in the new case where the seniority of JTOs of 2001 recruitment year in which 500 officiating JTOs are regularised each year. Now they are shown against supernumerary posts which is under question. This issue was not agitated earlier in the Hon CAT or no reply filed, so BSNL sought time for detailed reply. Now, Case posted after 10 days Onam vacation. May come up for hearing in the first week of Sep 2015.

Chennai Forum will be conducting Lunch hour demonstration on 12.08.2015 at Annaroad Telephone Exchange against the cabinet decision of formation of subsidiary tower company. Kindly mobilize and attend.

Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations circular ... View Copy of the circular. 

Our Divisional Secretary(MVM) Com.Muthamilan`s mother expired on 10.08.2015 at Tirupur. Our heart-felt condolences to him and his family members. Let her soul be rest in peace at heaven.


A complete analysis done by GS w.r.t CPSU cadre hierarchy for the betterment of Executives

Joint Committee meeting on CPSU cadre hierarchy:

The joint committee meeting held today and discussion took place for about two hours. Chairman and members from Management side proposed very stringent attendant conditions along with interview, grade of service and educational qualifications to decide the promotions. The bench mark should be minimum Very Good according to them even for JTO to SDE promotion.

SNEA(I) made the following submissions:

1.  The terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL ensured Time Bound promotions from JTO to SG JAG grade between 4 to 6 years with attendant conditions, without linking promotions with availability of posts. Promotions beyond SGJAG will be based on availability of posts.

2. However in Executive Promotion Policy (EPP), the promotions are divided into two parts, I. Time bound IDA pay scale upgradations and II. Post based promotions.

SNEA(I) very strongly opposed any interview for promotions or promotions based on educational qualifications.

Now thousands of Executives are working in different scales. They are getting pay scales and good pay. But due to various reasons, mainly due to litigations they are not getting functional promotion which provides higher responsibility and status. For example thousands of Executives are in Sr SDE scale (E3) but working as JTO. Similarly thousands of Executives are in DGM scale (E5) or in DE scale (E4) but still working as SDEs. Again, recently the promotions in almost all the cadres in BSNL are stayed by Hon Chandigargh Tribunal without implementing judgment on Nagaraju case on SC/ST reservation.

So the new promotion policy should address the twin problems of i) seniority related issues and ii) availability of vacancies/posts as much possible and ensure smooth promotions.

The following points are to be deliberated.   

a) Time bound functional promotion has to be implemented upto which grade, without linking it with availability of posts and minimum how many promotions can be assured. For this data can be verified to know how many Executives are working in each scale/grade.

b) Reporting and hierarchy to be followed in the new set up and duties and responsibilities.

c) Bench mark for each promotion to be reviewed and decided as per the present practice.

d) Qualifying service and quantum of relaxation in service.

e) New Designations to be introduced in BSNL.

f) Financial implications.

a) No of promotions: The minimum number of promotions should be maintained as 5 itself in the new scheme also.

No of Executives working in each grade. Majority of the Executives are working in Telecom Engg wing. The total number is about 34,500.

JTO Scale-- About 4800, SDE Scale -- About 4300, Sr SDE Scale  - About 11800, AGM Scale -- About 7800, DGM Scale --About 5200, SG JAG Scale -- About 600.

Accounts 6500, Civil 1747, Elect: 1134,  Arch --- 147, TF --- 122, Misc 425.

b) Reporting, hierarchy to be followed and duties and responsibilities: Bell curve issue can be addressed by following hierarchy. Existing hierarchy to be changed (JTO - SDE - DE - DGM) to JTO/SDE/Sr SDE/DE -- DGM/SG JAG - GM - PGM. Duties and responsibilities can be modified accordingly.

c) Bench mark: BSNL Executives are working in different areas like External, Internal, installations, planning, offices, mobile, transmission, landline etc. The performance of the Executives are depending upon the area of their posting and availability of material, manpower, labour, stores, equipments etc. So the performance of the Executives working in various areas cannot be compared at all on the basis of APAR alone. Most of the other PSUs are in production sector and the nature of job is more or less same or comparable. They are having time tested mechanisms of performance evaluation. So the promotion mechanism in other CPSUs cannot be copied as such in BSNL atleast for the time being. So the new bench mark should be finalized considering this fact as well as and the bench mark existing today for post based promotions.

d) Qualifying service and quantum of relaxation in service: The qualifying service should be between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and condition and it should not be more than 6 years in any case. 

Note: Now IDA pay scale upgradations are given on completion of qualifying service. Post based promotions are given with relaxation in service (1 year relaxation for JTO to SDE promotion where the qualifying service is 3 years). Since the pre-appointment training varies from one to two years, relaxation of qualifying service to the Executives of same rect year (in case of rect) / vacancy year (in case of promotion) also to be considered. Similar relaxation is to be considered for promotion to DE grade also for the existing Executives working at SDE/Sr SDE/DE scales. However no relaxation is required for Sr SDE grade. For the Executives who got relaxation for promotion to the SDE grade as per the new scheme, further relaxation at Sr SDE and DE grade are not required.

e) New Designation to be followed as done in BSNLCO: 

Submissions by GS, SNEA(I) in the Joint Committee

VP, CS, CTr, ACS Com.C.Olly, AS(GSM&Mktg), AS(BB&TXM) and AS(W) felicitated Com.M.Gopinathan CS,SNEA(I), TN circle on his superannuation on 31.07.2015 at Greams Road.  We wish him a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.


CHQ News:

Recommendations and minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee to examine the implementation of E2, E3 scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A.

The Committee recommends the following:-

i.         The standard pay scales for JTO and equivalent grades in replacement of the pre-revised E1A pays scales may be fixed at E2 level in revised scale. Similarly, those of SDE and equivalent grades may be replaced from pre-revised E2A pay scale to E3 in the revised scale.

ii.        Necessary changes in the EPP may be made, if required, and also the approval of DoT for issues of related pension outgo, gratuity etc., may be sought by concerned wings of BSNL.

Smt Madhu Arora/GM(Estt) and Smt Smitha Choudhary/GM(EF) who are committee members submitted some dissenting note on issues which are already considered by the Joint Committee.

Joint Committee Recommendation and minutes.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes our CEC member Com.B.Thangavelu SDE CSC AMB and Com.K.R.Sukanya JTO CPT on their superannuation today.Com.K.R.Sukanya JTO CPT donated Rs.3000/- to circle. Com.S.Radhakrishnan CEC Member felicitated  Shri.P. Velu DGM NWO-AMB on 30.07.2015 during the retirement function held at Ambattur. We wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life. SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones also wishes all other staff who retire today we wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

BSNL CO issued AGM/DE Modification order.