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Last Updated on 28.08.2014 - 12:49 PM
Circle Secretary writes letter to General Secretary regarding retention / re-allotment to other circles.
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CP, VP, CS, Com.P.Charles ACS, Com.Muthamilan DS MVM, Com.G.Ilavarasan CEC Member, Com.Sathish Kumar SDE Puzhal went to (late) Com.R.Rajendran JTO Puzhal house to hand over the Associations welfare amount of Rs.1,00,000/- to his wife. Com.R.Rajendran JTO is our SNEA(I) member and died on 10.09.2013 while coming to office. SNEA(I) is the only Association which is having the welfare facility to their members. A portion of subscription collected is spent towards welfare.

CP, CS and all Circle Office Bearers felicitated Com.M.Munusamy DGM(EB) our CWC Member on 27.08.2014. He is retiring on 31.08.2014 on his superannuation. Com.M.Munusamy is very simple, honest, dedicated and sincere officer. His contribution towards the organization and to the Association could not be expressed in simple words. We wish him a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Hon Supreme Court judgment dated 12.08.2014 on list No 6 & 7 seniority: 
The SLPs filed by BSNL and other individuals challenging the Hon Bombay and Ernakulam High Court orders quashing the seniority list 6 & 7 dismissed. Hon Courts directed BSNL to recast the seniority list based on “date of joining”. The seniority of about 5600 LDCE passed candidates of 2004, 2008 and 2013, promoted as per SDE RR 1996 and 2002 has to be fixed based on “date of joining”, putting a big question mark on the relevance of LDCE.

Circle Secretaries of SNEA(I), AIBSNLOA and AIBSNLEA met CGM on 26.08.2014 and requested to  write a strong recommendation letter to BSNL CO for the retention of AGMs/DEs to the extent of vacancies available. CGM agreed to write letter appraising the sanctioned strength, working strength and  vacancy position in AGM/DE cadre. Our CHQ will also pursue at BSNL CO, based on the recommendation letter from CGM.

COB meeting held on 23.08.2014. Circle President welcomed all and presided over the meeting. CS narrated the developments after the last CEC meeting. CS expressed his resentment and dissatisfaction over the DE regular posting. All the COBs on single voice raised that in-spite of availability of vacancies why the officers have been dislocated?. This shows the miserable failure of Administration and sense of belongingness of Head of circle. CS informed during the meeting that he has sent a SMS to CGM as "Respected CGM Sir, The DE regular promotion orders issued on 21.08.2014. Out of 124 officers only 32 retained remaining 92 officers posted outside exuding 27 officers relieved on 31.07.2014. Totally 119 officers posted outside in-spite of clear 45 vacancies available at CHTD. Kindly raise voice in the HOCC meeting for the betterment of Chennai in turn BSNL else large exodus will hamper the growth. We have taken up from our end also". 
Chennai has 160 number of sanctioned posts in AGM/DE cadre of which 115 are the working strength including DGM (LA) as of now. In the recently released DE regular promotion out of 124 officers only 32 officers accommodated in Chennai remaing 92 officers have been dislocated. Of the 32 officers, only 5 officers are pormoted from SDE to DE and remaining 27 were Adhoc STS officers who got promotion during July 2013. It is very pathetic that 119 officers (27 officers releived on 31.07.2014 and 92 posted outside on 20.08.2014) are dislocated from Chennai on single stroke. As far as Chennai comrades are concerned the promotion is nothing but a punishment. The COBs meeting passed a resolution that:
1. The promoted officers should be retained to the extent of available vacancies as per seniority and
2. The remaining officers should be posted to nearby circles only not to Bihar/Chatisgarh/J