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Last Updated on 22.10.2014 - 03:55 PM
BSNL CO issued regular DE Modification orders based on medical & compassionate grounds. Order1 Order2

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones Wishes a Happy Diwali to all
 beautiful diwali diya images with messages

Circle Secretary addressed letter to CGM, Chennai Telephones regarding implementation of ERP project.

Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP and Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS attended the Vishist Sanchar Seva Padak award function held on 14.10.2014 at Hall of Inspiration. CS addressed the function. CS on his speech congratulated all the awardees especially our CEC Member Com.M.Munusamy Retd DGM(EB). CS requested CGM to consider the provision of GPRS facility to the officers below JAG rank also after getting undertaking from the officers. CS also requested CGM to expedite the process of taking over the load of Nortel and NSN Flower Bazzar MSCs to Huawei / ZTE MSCs at the earliest.

CP,CS and ACS Com.C.Olly along with CS and CTr of TN Circle met CMD and Sr.GM(Pers) at Chennai on 13.10.2014. CS addressed letter to CMD for modification of place of posting for DEs. CS has pleaded for retention of Senior comrades, Medical and compassionate ground cases. CMD was kind enough to listen patiently and assured that based on CGMs recommendations and merit of case necessary modification would be done accordingly. During the meeting senior lady comrades and the comrades who seek retention on medical and compassionate grounds were also present.

Dear comrades,
The protest action against the SR.GM(Pers) during his visit at chennai was discussed with GS and as per the directions of our CHQ we will try to meet Sr.GM(Pers) and express our members resentment over the delay in non-settling the retention of seniors, medical & compassionate grounds cases. Further our GS told that they will meet CMD/SR.GM(Pers) on 14.10.2014 and the issue will be settled soon.

JTO to SDE promotion:
As there is no Division bench in Hon CAT Ernakulam the JTO to SDE promotion case is not listed on 09-10-2014.

Comrades, on behalf of Chennai/TN/KTK/MH comrades our CHQ leaders are vigorously pursuing for the modification of posting on promotion for seniors/compassionate grounds/medical grounds/ Age 57+ cases. The Sr.GM(Per) shows very much reluctance on issuing the modification orders, even after lapse 50 days of issuance of promotion order. Now it is an opportunity for Chennai and Tamil Nadu comrades to show our resentment to Sr.GM(Pers) during his visit on 13.10.2014 at Chennai. The comrades of Chennai and Tamil Nadu circle will show our protest by wearing black badges / demonstration for not settling the issue for more than 50 days. Kindly keep update yourself the time and venue from our site.

CHQ News:

Meeting with CMD: 

CHQ President and AGS, Com wankhede, met CMD and sought his kind intervention and requested him to direct GM(P) to consider compassionate transfer cases, reallotment to Circles like CH, TN, KTK, MH based on the assurances given by him and also inter- Circle request transfers in accordance to transfer policy. CMD was kind enough to assure us that he will have discussion with GM(P) on all these issues.  

Meeting with GM(P)/BSNL CO: 

CHQ President along with AGSs, Com Dahiya and Com  Wankhede, and Com A. A. khan met GM(P) and conveyed him the strongest resentment prevailing in the field units on account of non settlement of very genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded, physically handicapped etc etc. the Association in clear terms conveyed to GM(P) that there is an overwhelming feeling which is quite justified and not unfounded that Management of late has become quite insensitive and completely devoid of compassion by neglecting very justified and highly genuine cases on medical grounds which ought to be considered with compassion and on priority. GM(P) was also reminded that assurances given by him in May, 2014 that genuine medical cases would be given due consideration have  been completely ignored.

Association also registered very strong protest over non consideration of reallotment on recent promotion to regular STS to circles like Chennai, TN, MH and Karnataka where large scale disruption has taken place despite availability of good number of vacancies. GM(P) was also conveyed strong resentment of the Association over blatant breach of assurance given by CMD that in circles like Chennai, TN, KTK etc. vacancies likely to arise on account of adhoc DGM promotion would be factored into for posting of regular STS. We reminded GM(P) that despite his assurance that a fresh assessment of the whole issue would be undertaken after 29th Sept, 14, nothing has so far been done and people are suffering like anything.

Also continuing and inexplicable delay in issuing inter-circle request transfers has caused wide spread resentment particularly when such requests have been made without TA/TP and are in accordance with the provisions of transfer policy. We informed GM(P) that Association very strongly protests and opposes such arbitrary functioning of the Management where legitimate inter- circle request transfers are not being issued in accordance to transfer policy. We also drew the attention of GM(P) over abnormal and unnecessary delay in issuing the transfer orders of all those who have completed more than two years at BSNL CO and are desperately waiting for their transfer orders for the last six months.

However, after having lodged our strongest protest over continuing and incomprehensible delay in sorting out these issues and also over arbitrary way of decision making, and after a very detailed discussion, GM(P) assured that all the cases of compassionate transfers, reallotment to Circles like CH, TN, KTK, MH etc and inter- circle transfers, including from BSNL CO, would be considered very shortly and sympathetically.

The seminar organised by Joint Forum of Officers organisations of Central Public Sector Undertakings (AIBOC-NCOA-SNEA(I)-AIPEF) on 04.10.2014 was attended by Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP and Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS.
Com.K.Sebastin GS addressed the seminar on 05.10.2014 held at SBOA School, Annanagar. Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS, Com.B.Srinivasan ACS, Com.Saravanan AS(BB&TXM), CEC Members Com.K.M.Vinayagam and Com.Radhakrishnan and members from Chennai Telephones and Com.Sundara Krishnan CP, Com.M.Gopinathan CS and Com.Rajasekar ACS from TN circle attended the seminar. Our GS while his address very well mentioned that the factors and policies which affected the growth of our company right from the formation of BSNL, especially after the year 2009.

Click here for the video of seminar held on 04.10.2014

Click here for the video of seminar held on 05.10.2014 - 1

Click here for the video of seminar held on 05.10.2014-our GS address

Joint Forum of Officers’ Organisations of
Central Public Sector Undertakings
cordially invites you for two days Seminar at Chennai

Topic: Role of Public Sector and Public Sector Banks in the Current Scenario
Day 1:
Date: 04th October 2014
Time: 5.00 PM
Venue: Vidhyodhaya School, Thirumalai Pillai Road, Near Valluvar Kottam, T.Nagar, Chennai-17.

Special Address by Shri.S.Gurumurthy, Corporate Advisor, Commentator on Economic & Political Affairs.

Day 2:

Date: 05th October 2014
Time : 10.00 AM
Venue: SBOA School & Junior College,Anna Nagar, Chennai-101.

Special Address:

State of the Economy in National and International Context:-  by       
Dr.Venkatesh Athreya, Economist, M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation
10 Vital Questions on Public Sector:-             by   
Com. K. Ashok Rao, President, NCOA
Role of RBI in saving the Indian Economy:-      by
Dr. Arunachala Ramanan, GM, RBI
Role of Coal Sector in Nation Building:-           by
Com. M. Y. Jothi Muhammad, Neyveli Lignite Corporation & NCOA
Role of Communication Sector in Nation Building:- by
Com. K.Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA(I)
Role of Power Sector in Nation Building:-          by
Com. K.Apparsamy, President, TNEB Engineers’ Association, AIPEF
Wage Revision in Banking Sector:-                  by
Com. K. Anandakumar, Sr. Vice President,AIBOC
Role of LIC in Nation Building:-                     by
Com. V. Santhanam, LIC Officers’ Association
Role of NABARD in Nation Building:-              by
Com. D.H. Chauhan, General Secretary,NABARD Officers’ Association

All are invited for the two days seminar

Dear comrades, many SSAs are in process of distribution of Universal Account Number (UAN) for EPF Account holders, few SSAs have already done. Our DSs/ Activists are requested to ensure the speedy dissemination of UAN to all the EPF Account holders.
All the EPF Account holders who have their UAN are requested to register for UAN Services from EPFO ( ). For registering your EPF Account number, UAN allotted, your Mobile Number and a valid e-mail id are needed. Once registered do download your passbook and verify the same for any anomalies. If any anomalies are found do inform to concerned officers in pay section and also EPF Authorities (preferably through online portal ).  The account holders, who are having more than one EPF Account / UAN, are requested to link their old account details (Link available once you login to UAN Services). Presently the online transfer claim with UAN is not available; hence after linking your old EPF Account number, you are requested to file the account transfer application through online or offline depending on the feasibility.
In BSNL we are also having many Non-Executive employees who are in need of help in availing the UAN Services, we request our members to take initiative and help the needy person, its our social responsibility as well.

Circle President, Circle Treasurer, DS(STM) and CEC Member Com.Murali attended the felicitation function of Com.Sathiya Samuel Raj SDE TBM Extl on 26.09.2014, who is retiring on 30.09.2014. Com.Pandian DS CMT welcomed all. Com.Sathiya Samuel Raj is very active member of SNEA(I). He is very honest, Sincere and dedicated officer. All the members have praised about his sincerity, punctuality and dedication towards work. We wish him a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Vice President, Circle Secretary, Circle Treasurer, ACSs Com.P.Charles and B.Srinivasan, AS(Central), AS(North), AS(BB&TXM), AS(West) and many Divisional Secretaries and CEC Members have attended the felicitation function of our Circle President Com.N.CHITTIBABU SDE SM-CFA on 29.09.2014. Shri.Ramachandran GM(S&M-CFA/CM) Presided over the function. Shri.S.Sundara Rajan DGM BBS and Smt.Kasturi Bai DGM S&M-CFA and AGM were also present during the function.
Circle Secretary, ACS Com.P.Charles, Com.V.Sundar Veteran leader, Com.Rajasekar ACS SNEA(I), TN Circle, Com.K.Govindaraj CS BSNLEU, Com.Gunasekar CS DEU, Com.Babu ACS NFTE and other office bearers and friends have addressed the meeting.
Shri.Ramachandran GM S&M-CFA/CM, Shri.S.Sundara Rajan DGM BBS and Smt.Kasturi Bai also addressed the function.
Com.N.Chitti Babu has entered as LDC in the department and with his hard work he became UDC/PI/JTO and Finally SDE. During his service he has occupied various positions in trade unions/ Associations. He is very simple man. He is so honest and dedicated officer. He maintains cordial relationship with all. Never get anger even with enemies.
Com.Malathy Chitti Babu also addressed the function finally Com.N.Chitti Babu delivered acceptance speech.
The function was well organised by Com.Natarajan SDE Udaan and our DS Adyar. We wish him a Happy , Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes Com.N.Kulandaivelu DGM(NWO-I CM) a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life. We also wish all the staff who are retiring on 30.09.2014. We wish them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life


CHQ News:

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhade met Sri S. S Aggarwal, GM(Pers) on 29.09.2014 and discussed:

a)         Retention in DE promotion:

Association strongly demanded for retention in CHTD, MH, KTK and TN Circles as per seniority, considering age 57 plus cases, re-allotment to AP from STR, medical cases and modification of Circles of choice. GM(Pers) informed that the matter has been discussed with CMD/BSNL also and considering the shortage in different Circles, it will not be possible for much modification. However when we insisted, GM(Pers) agreed to discuss further with CMD on 57 plus cases. Medical cases will be considered after 01st October for those who are not joined yet. Modification from one Circle to another Circle also will be considered along with that.

b)        Committee meeting on officiating pay fixation:

Association pointed out that this issue also delayed so much and complete the procedures at the earliest. GM(Pers) informed that the meeting will be held in 3rd week after the Parliamentary committee meeting on 13.10.14.

c)         Filing MA in Hon CAT, Ernakulam:

Association requested BSNL to file an MA pleading for permission to conduct the DPC and issue promotion orders. The case is posted for 09.10.14, but it is not sure whether division bench will be available on that day or not.

CHQ News:
Details of Discussion with CMD 1. No salary cut will be implemented now. If any SSA already implemented, supplementary bill will be prepared to refund the same. 2. No vindictive actions hereafter, CMD will ensure the same. 3. A senior officer above CGM will be asked to review all the actions taken by CGM. SNEA has to give the details by tomorrow. 4. The transfer of officers will be reviewed and they will not be forced to join the new place.