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Updated Tariff(Mobile) as on 21.06.2014
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Last Updated on 28.07.2014 - 11:14 AM
Retention of DEs in Chennai TD:
GS, President and AGS met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL on 25.07.2014 and requested for retention of all the DEs till DE regular and DGM promotions are over. GS explained that most of the DEs retained in CHTD are very seniors as per seniority also. Due to retirement and anticipated DGM promotions, large no of DE vacancies will arise in CHTD. Once DE Regular and DGM promotions are over, maximum DEs can be posted to CHTD and remaining can be transferred to other SSAs as per seniority.

CP and CS met CGM, Chennai Telephones on 24.07.2014 and discussed the following issues:
Retention of AGMs/DEs:
We have requested CGM to write a letter with strong recommendation for the retention of the AGMs/DEs who got their promotion and retained ChTD till 31.03.2014. CGM immediately enquired about the file movement and arranged the file for his approval. Immediately after the receipt of the file CGM has approved the draft letter in front of us and the letter in the CGM’s letter head would be released today itself. Comrades, we are pursuing this issue right from the beginning and we will put our best effort for the retention of these officers. We are in touch with our CHQ in this regard and our CHQ also has assured that they would meet the concerned authorities immediately after the receipt of CGM’s recommendation letter.  We hope some positive result on this issue.
South area issue:
We have appraised the situation of south area to CGM. We have requested CGM that our Executives should be provided with Manpower, Materials and Minute(Time) to execute the work.  We have categorically told to CGM, as we have published earlier in our site, that if the situation is not changed the performance would definitely deteriorate rather. We requested CGM to intervene in this matter and to bring a change in south. During the discussion we said that the bidder is quoting less than the prevailing labour rates in the market for cable fault tender and finally the same is approved. Due to this our Executives are not in a position to execute the cable fault in time. Recently finalized tender for cable fault at west area was Rs.179/-(Appx.) from 01.07.2014 which is far less than the earlier rate of Rs.270/-(Appx) in force till 30.06.2014. We have explained to CGM that the 90% of the South area is affected with cable damages caused by the external agencies due to various developmental activities. At the same time many new connections are wait-listed in south area for want of cable/FTTH provision.  It would be a very difficult task for the Executives to monitor and materialize all these activities without proper man-power, materials and minute.  After hearing all these information our CGM assured us that he would have a dialogue with GM(South) in this regard.

CHQ News:
The SLP on seniority list no 6 & 7 listed for hearing on 22.07.2014 in the Hon Supreme Court was not taken up on 22.07.2014 as constitution bench was sitting. The case will be listed for hearing on every Tuesday in the Hon SC.

CP, CS, AS(South) attended the GB Meeting Jointly conducted by the SNEA(I) Divisions of south area on 17.07.2014 at Chromepet Exchange. The meeting was organized by DS STM, DS CMT and DS CPT. Large number of SNEA(I) members attended the meeting. The meeting lasted for 4 hours.
During the meeting Com. L.Renganathan SDE P&AC was felicitated. Com. L.Renganathan retired on superannuation on 30.06.2014. His contribution towards the BSNL Organization and SNEA(I) is very much appreciable. He is so simple, honest and dedicated officer. We wish him a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.
During the course of discussion all the members have expressed their unwillingness to work in South area under humiliation and pressure. The GM(South) keeps on modifying his own instructions even before submitting reports on his earlier instructions. Everybody has appreciated the intentions of GM(South) to provide seamless services to the customers but at the same time it is the responsibility of the management to provide man power, materials & also time and allow the Executives to execute the work. In many of the External units the SDEs are working without JTOs / TTAs even Sr.TOA(G). All the clerical works and technical works are being carried out by the SDEs  without any assistance. Before completing one instruction other instructions are issued in modified formats. The Executives working in south area are in a confused state. They are unable to decide "What to do and What not to do". If we allow the situation to continue, then the services at south area would be deteriorated rather than improvement.
CP and AS(South) addressed the meeting. CS on his address very categorically told that the SNEA(I) will not simply watch when the members are under pressure. CS briefly informed the house about the ongoing struggle by SNEA(I) Kerala comrades against the CGMT, Kerala. Finally CS informed that the situation at South area would be escalated to CGM and seek CGM‘s intervention. If no improvement could be found even after CGM‘s intervention, then the future course of action would be decided in the COB meeting.

The Circle Secretaries of SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA and AIBSNLOA met CGM, Chennai Telephones on 18.07.2014 and submitted a letter to retain all the DEs, who have been retained upto 31.03.2014 on their promotion. We have requested CGM to take up the matter immediately with BSNL,CO. CGM was kind enough to listen our request and assured us that he will put his best effort for the retention of the officers.
View the letter

CHQ News:
DPE out rightly rejects the proposal sent by DOT recently to allow BSNL to introduce replacement scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs in BSNL based on the decision of the BSNL Board.

This Association had been having consistent interaction with the concerned officers in DPE for the last about three months to impress upon them and convince them not to take an exception to the proposal of DOT to allow BSNL to introduce non-standard IDA replacement scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL for JTO/SDEs in the context of guidelines issued by DPE to all the CPSUs not to extend non-standard IDA scales. DPE has further directed DOT to correct any aberration, if at all, in this regard.

With the rejection of proposal by DPE, our demand to extend standard IDA scales of E2 and E3 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs gets strengthened since BSNL Management very recently during our organizational actions made a firm commitment to us that it will consider our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 with an open mind in case DPE takes a contrary view to the decision of BSNL Board to allow extending replacement IDA scales of E1A and E2A to JTOs, SDEs etc. This is a very positive development and surely brings us closer to resolution of our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs, SDEs etc.

This Association had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE on this issue. CHQ president and GS had a detailed discussion on this issue with Secy/DPE and JtSecy/DPE nearly three months before and succeeded in impressing upon them to reiterate to DOT that BSNL must switch over to standard IDA scales approved by Govt. based on the recommendations of 2nd PRC and immediately correct any anomalous situation that prevails in BSNL with regard to existence of non standard IDA scales. This is a big milestone as far as resolving the issue of extending standard scales of E2 and E3 to JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc is concerned and gives us huge strategic leverage to get the issue resolved.      

Lunch hour demonstration at O/o CGM, Chennai Telephones on 09.07.2014 in total solidarity and support to our Kerala Comrades who are on indefinite hunger strike for the last 15 days from 25.06.2014 and `Work According to Rule` from 07.07.2014 against CGMT/KRL. 

Comrades, we the Chennai Telephones SNEA(I) comrades will also be part of this spirited struggle, to keep the morale high, a fight to retain the glory of BSNL and Kerala Circle and not allow its growth to slide down. 

CHQ News:
Case at Hon Supreme Court on 147 seniority.
The SLPs alongwith the MAs filed by the applicants and BSNL came up for arguments today. The applicants (147 officers) and BSNL pleaded for allowing the promotions. Our senior lawyer strongly opposed any stay on Hon EKM High Court order and argued that any promotion including 147 officers will be as good as stay of Hon EKM judgment and CAT judgment. After hearing the pleading from both sides, Hon SC decided for final hearing of the SLPs in the last week of September and dispose off the matter on merit. Meanwhile Hon SC allowed to go ahead with promotions as per the existing seniority subject to the outcome of the SLP.

Circle Secretary writes to CGM, Chennai Telephones regarding conducting Lunch hour demonstration on 09.07.2014 at O/o CGM Chennai Telephones. All the members are requested to participate in the lunch hour demonstration to ensure our solidarity support to kerala comrades.

All the COBs /DSs /CEC Members and activists are requested to mobilize for the lunch hour demonstration on 09.07.2014 @ O/o CGM, Chennai Telephones, in support of KERALA CIRCLE SNEA(I) agitation. 

Annaroad division AGB held on 01.07.2014 at Annaroad Telephone Exchange. CP, CS, ACSs Com.P.Charles & Com.C.Olly and AS(C) Com.A.Vasanthakumar attended the meeting. The following office bearers have been elected unanimously for the Annaroad division.
President        : Com.N.Janardhanan DE ARD Intl
Vice President   : Com.Padmajothi Jeevagan SDE ARD TXM
Secretary        : Com.A.Bhavani Prasad SDE ARD EXTL
Asst.Secretary  : Com. Uma Maheswari JTO GRD Teleshoppe
Treasurer        : Com. Kamala Raghunathan AGM Comml-Central
Asst.Treasurer  : Com. P.K.Karunakaran JTO P&AC
Executive Committee Members:
1. Com.V. Vimala Devi SDE ARD Extl
2. Com. Govindarajan JTO ICE RSU
3. Com. Muthulakshmi JTO ARD Extl
4. Com.A.Kalai SDE ARD TD
The meeting was presided over by Com.N.Janardhanan. The local issues of mainly staff shortage was discussed along with other issues. All the COBs have addressed the meeting. CS on his address explained about the cadre issues and assured that the issue of staff shortage will be taken up with the Administration. Vote of thanks rendered by Com.Uma Maheswari.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes Comrades S.Nagarajan DGM(NWO-KKN), J. Rajendra Babu DE INTL ANR, R.Krishnamurthy AGM(Comml-NE), S.Savithri DE HRD TAX, S.Parthasarathy SDE MBM Extl, A.Mohammed Ali SDE ANQ RSU, S.Narashimalu SDE AGT RSU N.Kunjithapatham SDE MYL Extl, L.Ranganathan SDE CMT Intl, A.Gunasekaran SDE VKM RSU, V.Lalitha SDE CSC GRD. We wish them a Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful retired life. SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones also wishes all the staff, who retire today on superannuation. We wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.

CP,VP and CS met Sr.GM(HR&A) on 27.06.2014. The following issues were discussed informally:

  • Executives are being transferred in the name of deputation by GM (South) without following norms.
  • Empanelment for Looking After arrangement - JTO to SDE and SDE to DE. We have requested to include the SDEs who have declined promotion to Adhoc STS during July 2013.
  • Non-implementation of transfer orders by the field units;
  • Filling up of vacancies in DGM / DE / SDE cadres, arise due to retirements / promotions
  • Requirement and posting of TTAs at units where acute shortage prevail.
  • Recruitment of TTAs to meet heavy shortage of JTOs and TTAs everywhere.
Sr.GM(HR&A) was kind enough to listen patiently and assured to look into the issues for early settlement. Addl.GM (HR&A) was also present during the meeting.

Mambalam division AGB meeting held on 26.06.2014 at Mambalam Telephone Exchange. CP, CS, ACS Com.C.Olly and AS(Central) Com. A.Vasanthakumar attended the meeting. The following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers for the division.
President          : Com.P.Murugan SDE TXM
Vice President    : Com. Susheela Venkatraman SDE Extl
Secretary         : Com.S.Subramanian SDE EWSD
Asst.Secretary   : Com.Sathyaprabha SDE TECH
Treasurer         : Com.P.Nirmala CO SE
Asst.Treasurer   : Com.V.Prathi devi JTO EWSD
Com.Parthasarathy SDE MBM Extl was felicitated during the meeting. Com.Parthasarathy was holding various positions in TEOA / SNEA(I). He is very sincere,honest and dedicated officer. He has donated Rs.5000/- towards circle. We wish him a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.All the COBs have addressed the meeting. Local issues were also discussed during the meeting. CS on his address explained in detail about the cadre issues and membership verification. Finally vote of thanks delivered by Com.P.Murugan

Marketing division AGB held on 12.06.2014 at Annaroad Exchange. CP, VP, CS, ACS Com.C.Olly and CEC Member Com.G.Elavarasan attended the meeting. The following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers for the division.
President:        Com. P.Senthamil Selvan AGM S&M VAS
Vice President:   Com.T.Thilagavathy AGM S&M CFA
Secretary :       Com.R.Pandian SDE S&M CM
Asst.Secretary:  Com.S.Ramesh SDE S&M CM
Treasurer:        Com.S.Akshayaa JTO S&M VAS
Executive Members:
1. Com. Vaijayanthi Sridhar SDE S&M VAS
2. Com. Nirmala JTO RKN
3. Com. Gopinath SDE Infra
4. Com. Murugesan SDE S&M CM
5. Com. Iqbal JTO S&M CFA
The meeting was presided over by Com. P.Senthamil Selvan. The following issues were discussed:
  • Office accommodation for the officers who are sitting at 7th Floor (The space at 7th floor was used as godown to keep marketing materials).
  • Chamber for AGM(Branding) and
  • Requirement of Executives and subordinate staff.
All the COBs have addressed the meeting. CS on his address explained the CWC decisions on various issues, Cadre issues including promotions,etc. CS assured the members that the issues will be taken up at appropriate level. Finally vote of thanks conveyed by Com.R.Pandian.