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Circle Secretary attended Com.K.Govindarajan CS/BSNLEU`s retirement function at Flower Bazzar on 02.07.2015. Com.K.Govindarajan used to be at forefront for unity among Unions/Associations. He took much pain in bringing unity among employees. He used to have cordial relationship with all. We wish him a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

CS along with VP felicitated Shri.V.T.Gunasekaran DGM(NWO-NW) on 30.06.2015. Shri.V.T.Gunasekaran DGM(NWO-NW) is a simple, dynamic and dedicated officer. Even though he belongs to other association he never influence his association activities with his subordinates. We wish him a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes Com.A.Srinivasan AGM NWO-CM, Com.A.M.Arumugam SDE Porur, Com.A.Murugasean SDE Admn-CPT, Com.K.V.Venkatraman JTO Udaan/our DTr(AMB) and Com.Mythili Krishnamurthy JTO RBN on their superannuation today. We wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life. SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones also wishes all other staff who retire today we wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.
Com.A.M.Arumugam was our DS(KDM) and he is punctual to duty and dedicated officer. Com.
K.V.Venkatraman JTO Udaan/our DTr(AMB) also dedicated and honest officer. Circle secretary attended the retirement felicitation function of Com.A.Srinivasan AGM NWO-CM and Com.Usha Prabhakar DE TCSC R.K.Nagar on 29.06.2015. Com.A.Srinivasan AGM NWO-CM is a sincere, dedicated and hardworking officer who was SPOC for REM module in ERP. He has done meticulous work for GSM tower rental payment and EB payment. Com.Usha prabhakar DE TCSC R.K.Nagar gone on VR from 29.06.2015. and she is also a sincere and dedicated officer. We wish them a Happy,Peaceful and Healthy retired life.


CHQ News:

This is rejoinder to some of the misleading information published in the website of AIBSNLEA. SNEA(I) never claimed that it is directly a party in the JTO to SDE promotion case. For strategic reasons, SNEA(I) fighting the case in the name of the additional respondents no 6 to 14 and private respondent 7 from Chennai and 8 from Jabalpur who are SNEA(I) members in the original case at CAT and High Court(HC) by engaging Sr Lawyer Sri. O. V. Radhakrishan. The reply, MA, urgent memo etc will be filed in the name of the respondents. In Chennai also SNEA(I) fought the case in the name of private respondents only. Similarly in most of the cases, due to strategic reasons, SNEA(I) is fighting in the name of affected party, eg: 1966 seniority, 270 seniority, 147 seniority etc. In few cases only, SNEA(I) is directly a party like ITS case, 3G case, MT case, LDCE case etc.

In the name of private respondents, SNEA(I) is directly party in the case. AIBSNLEA simply impleaded in the CAT and even they couldnot include a single affected party (JTO) from Kerala or elsewhere alongwith them! It is admitted by them that they are not filed the vakalathnama in the Hon HC even after 5 months since February. Without filing vakalathnama and appointing a lawyer, how they are fighting for the JTOs in the HC for the last 5 months, it is not known? If they are sincere in the case why they didnít file the vakalathnama and engaged the lawyer for 5 months? Why they are waiting for the notice from court? They should have been available in the court from day one to defend the case. Are they not aware of the fact that appeal is filed in the HC?  Everytime in the website they are writing that they are fighting in the high court but in reality they are not appeared even once in the HC. In the CAT also just they filed an impleadment application but their lawyer was not present in most of the days even on the final hearing dates in the Tribunal. This fact we didnít report earlier keeping trade union ethics. Whether they impleaded in the case just to delay the case like this? However, we are very happy to know that now they filed the vakalathnama on getting intimation from us.

Cause list of the case at Hon Ernakulam High Court on 25.06.2015

27-06-2015 CHQ News:

After lot of persuation BSNL management decided to circulate the Hon SC direction, DoPT and DoT orders on the eligibility of Diploma holders with 10 years service "equivalent" to Engineering Degree for the promotion to EE in Civil/Elect etc wings. This will address one of the long pending issue and SNEA demand for parity in promotion in all wings. 

GS, SNEA(I) informed GS and AGS of AIBSNLEA about the unfortunate development at Hon. Ernakulam High Court where the urgent application for early hearing of the JTO to SDE promotion case is not heard as AIBSNLEA, one of the respondent in the case not accepted the notice and filed vakalathnama which resulted in ďservice not completeĒ. The appeal was filed in the Hon HC in the first week of Feb, 2015 but even after 5 months, they could not accept the notice and file vakalathnama. The handling of such cases which affects the career growth of thousands of JTOs by the Associations so casually is unimaginable. However they promised early action.


Update on JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon.High court,Kerala.

The MA filed by SNEA(I) in Hon High Court of Kerala for early hearing of the appeal and vacation of interim order on JTO to SDE promotion is listed for hearing today. SNEA(I) was pursuing with BSNL for filing the reply and an MA for early hearing. After that we are pursuing with the High Court registry for early listing of the case. BSNL also filed an MA in this regard on Monday praying for early hearing and vacation of interim order.

GS and CS/KRL met the Sr lawyer Sri O. V. Radhakrishnan defending our case at Ernakulam on 13.06.2015 and held detailed discussions about the case during his visit to Kerala.

As per the MA filed by SNEA(I) and BSNL for urgent hearing, the case come up for hearing today.
Unfortunately the case could not be heard as the service is not completed for respondent no. 16, AIBSNLEA. The rep 16, AIBSNLEA not filed even Vakalathnama accepting the notice and their lawyer was not present in the court. Hon court directed to complete the service to AIBSNLEA and then list the case.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes all the officers who are going to appear for the JTO to SDE LDCE examination scheduled on 21.06.2015. We wish them good luck and good future.

Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP and Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS attended the Opinion Leaders Meeting under the chairmanship of CGM, Chennai Telephones on 19.06.2015 at Hall of Inspiration. All the Association/Union leaders were invited for the meeting. From management side Shri.R.Ganesan GM(EB),Shri.V.Jagadeesan GM(W),  Shri.B.Ramachandran GM(S&M)-CFA, Shri.V.S.Illanthirai Addl.GM(HR&A), Shri.S.V.Raju DFA(HQ), AGM(Estt), SDE(SR) and OSD to CGM were also present during the meeting. The meeting was organized to discuss the improvement in services and to achieve positive growth. Shri.V.S.Illanthirai Addl.GM(HR&A) welcomed all. During the meeting CGM has informed that the drop-wire will be available from Monday for field units. CGM requested us to work together to bring more revenue for Chennai Telephones. CGM also requested us to adopt 6 exchanges to make NIL fault in that area. All the leaders accepted and assured that we will work unitedly and ensure NIL fault in that areas. On behalf of SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones the following points were discussed for the improvement of services:
  • CS informed that the Executives in BSS unit are completely busy with EB bill payment/FRAC for GSM sites and due to this they are unable to devote more time to resolve technical issues. CS requested to arrange a single payment for the EB consumption and some good method for FRAC for the GSM sites.
  • CGM responded positively that arrangement is being made for easy payment of EB bill for GSM sites and also for MSU/RSU also.
  • CS requested to restore the Delegation of financial power as it was available earlier.
  • CGM replied that already a letter sent to BSNL CO in this regard
  • CS informed that the vendor payment is very badly delayed in the name of ERP. CS informed that in Tamil Nadu circle the vendor payments are being paid without much delay even after the implementation of ERP. Many contract bills,AMC bills, Housekeeping bills and other bills prior to implementation of ERP also kept pending for many months. CS requested that the vendor payments should be streamlined so that the vendor would be able to supply manpower / supply materials / repair faulty units,etc in time.
  • CGM assured to look into the issue.
  • CS requested that the Phone Mechanics should be trained to attend Broadband fault in order to arrest the surrender of landlines.
  • CGM assured to look into the issue.
  • CS informed that the performance of franchise is not up-to the expectation and our staffs are involved for their performance.
  • CGM and GM(S&M)-CFA/CM informed that next week a meeting is organised with franchises to improve the sales.
Vote of thanks rendered by Shri.V.S.Illanthirai Addl.GM(HR&A).

Kodambakkam division AGB held on 03.06.2015 at Kodambakkam Telephone Exchange. CP and CS attended and addressed the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Com.Ramamurthy AGM(C)-West. The following office bearers have been unanimously elected for the next term.
1. Com.S.Vedha AGM Extl KOD                 President
2. Com.P.Baskar EO to GM(W)                  Vice President
3. Com.L.Venugopal JTO VPI RSU              Secretary
4. Com.S.Sriram SDE KOD Extl                 Asst. Secretary
5. Com.V.Suseela CO                             Treasurer
The following local issues were raised by the members for resolution:
1. Implementation of uniform procedure to be adopted in ERP in all BAs.
2. Formation of ERP team, to deal all type of ERP related issues, as available in TN,STR and other circles.
3. Filling up of subordinate staff for CRO-II section, External units etc

4. Filling up of vacant AGM posts
Circle Secretary in his address mentioned that these issues will be taken up with management for immediate resolution. Com.L.Venugopal DS rendered vote of thanks.

03-06-2015 CHQ News:

Night free call facility in landline

Forum to conduct campaign among public from 08th June to 07th July, 2015:

Forum decided to popularize the scheme among public and to take maximum efforts to increase landline connections and improve the quality of service. Forum called upon all the employees to participate in the campaign.

This is a golden opportunity to restore the glory of landline and repair the network by special efforts.

The Forum taken the following decisions:

a) Conduct month long campaign from 08th June to 07th July to popularize the scheme.

b) Forum at Circle/SSA level will meet the Circle/SSA heads latest by 15th June and chalk out joint action plan.

c) Massive campaign should be unleashed among public involving maximum employees. Publicity through advertisements, display of flex board, posters etc can be done.

d) Melas can be organized wherever it is possible.

e) Customers disconnected in the recent past can be approached by the employees for taking reconnection.

f) Special efforts to make landline fault free. Additional fund/store required for repairing cable fault etc to be taken up.

g) Shortage of stores, materials, funds etc should be immediately taken up with SSA heads and Circle administration by the Forum. If the issues are not settled at circle level, it should be escalated to BSNLCO and brought to the notice of the GSs for further action.

h) The progress of registration of waiting list and provision of connections should be monitored by the Forum at SSA and Circle level regularly.

i) The monthly progress can be reported to CHQ and it will be published in the website also.

Comrades, this is a golden opportunity and we have to fully involve in this to provide maximum connections. CMD and Directors assured that they will provide all the logistics and donít hesitate to escalate the matters to CMD and Directors.

VP,CS and Area Secretary(Central) met Shri.R.Ganesan Sr.GM(HR&A) on 28.05.2015. CS greeted Shri.R.Ganesan Sr.GM(HR&A) and assured that fullest co-operation would be extended for smooth functioning of Administration and to bring the Chennai Telephones towards positive growth. Sr.GM(HR&A) shared useful informations for the improvement of services and assured us that the manpower would be used optimally to meet the field requirements.


 DE Regular Retention / Cancellation Orders.View Order Copies:

Order 1,   Order 2,  Order 3 Order 4,  Order 5 Order 6, 

Order 7, Order 8

Congratulations, the JTO to SDE Looking After arrangement order issued today. Comrades we have been continuously pursuing this issue for more than a year. This issue got delayed by one or the other reason and finally orders issued by the Administration. Even after the release of the LA order, many of the SDE vacancy positions are not filled up. We will take up the issue with the CGM and arrange to fill up the SDE vacant positions at the earliest. As requested by us to Sr.GM(HR&A), the request transfers were also considered to the maximum extent.
View the LA order.
View the transfer order

Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP and Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan CS greets Ms.S.M.Kalavathi, the designate CGM, Chennai Telephones on 12.05.2015.