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Last Updated on 20.01.2017 - 07:00 PM

Com.C. Olly VP ,Com. A.Vasanthakumar ACS,Com.Ganesan DS STM and Com. Jayakumar DS CPT met GM (NOW-South) at 13:30 hrs. The meeting lasted for 2 hours. The meeting was cordial.

Following issues were discussed

  • Issues related with Cable fault maintenance bills were discussed and to make the procedure simple. He has agreed to give proper instruction to the concerned.
  •  Lot of surrenders happened in FTTH due to poor maintenance by Vendors. Suggested that one dedicated splicing team should made available in GM area whenever expansion/new site coming up  and to attend OFC cut with adequate equipments, manpower  and vehicle. Apart from these one more team with JTO/JE for provision and maintenance of FTTH in every division. For that GM has agreed and discuss further before implementation.
  • Suggested to make a task force in every Division comprising of a JTO/Cable jointing personal to attend the faults where exchanges are having huge potential and waiting list for provision of BB. The same task force can be utilized to attend primary cable faults where Exchanges having maximum disturbance.
  • For Peripheral areas it was suggested to have AMC for Battery, Power Plant and AC Units DE/SDE wise since area is too vast and getting persons locally for repair is very difficult.
  • Suggested to repair the  Maduranthakam Telephone Exchange building which is in bad condition and requested to paint and made visible with advertisements of our products with the help of Civil and Marketing wing since it is on the GST Road. GM promised to take action asked to initiate the file by the concerned building in charge.
  • During Vardha Cyclone trees fell at Velacherry exchange. Even after many complaints to civil wing it still lying dangerously posing grave danger for the persons working and as well as to the inmates residing the quarters. For that GM promised to make arrangements to clear the trees.
  •  Finally we objected effecting transfers locally without following norms.

BSNL CO issued revised instructions for deduction of subscription to SNEA- Recognised Representative Association in BSNL.


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As decided in the COB meeting, the Circle Executive Committee Meeting after 1st Membership Verification is notified on 21.01.2017(Saturday) at Mahabalipuram.
View the Notice.

COB meeting held on 05.01.2017 at Annaroad. CP welcomed all and presided over the meeting. CS briefed the developments after the last COB. Like yesteryear, this year also we could give our diary to our members on 02.01.2017 itself. CS appreciated the effort and hard work done by the COBs/CEC Members/DOBs and the Core committee chairman and its members in achieving 453 votes against 1189. CS informed during the COB meeting, as a recognized Association we have started dialogues with the Administration in policy matters. During the COB meeting it was decided to conduct CEC meeting on 21.01.2017 at Mahabalipuram. In the forthcoming CEC we will have through discussion about policies which will help for the betterment of Chennai Telephones. In addition to local issues we will have a detailed discussion for our CWC meeting which is scheduled from 13th to 15th February 2017 at Hyderabad. Vote of thanks conveyed by Com.A.Vasanthakumar ACS.

CP,CS and ACS Com.P.Charles met GM(HR&Admn) on 05.01.2017 and discussed the following issues:
1. Publication of All India long stay list of AGMs/SDEs:
The Chennai Telephones circle,STR,STP circles prepares the long stay list in the cadre of AGMs/SDEs and the same is sent to TN circle for consolidation and a final list is prepared by the Tamil Nadu circle including its own AGMs/SDEs. The final long stay list from TN circle is sent to BSNL CO and transfer orders are being issued based on this list.
Reply from GM(HR&A): Agreed to publish the lists
2. Issuance of Administrative approval for Diary/ Instructions to AO(P&A) for subscription deduction:
GM(HR&A) instructed to complete the process soon.
3. Redeployment and Rotational transfers:
We informed to GM(HR&A) that the working strength of SDEs/JTOs are less than that of sanctioned strength. Redeployment and Rotational Transfers are the need of the hour so that the work load can be shared equally to the possible extent and the Executives will have an opportunity / Exposure to work in all the fields.
GM(HR&A) agreed to discuss in detail as an agenda item..
4. Clearance of Pending request transfers of JTOs from Chengelpet to Chennai:
We thanked GM(HR&A) for issuance of long pending request transfers of JTOs and we further informed that 4 JTOs request transfer is pending from Chengelpet to Chennai. GM(HR&A) informed that we tried to bring all the 13 JTOs but we could clear only 9 waiting list and assured that the remaining 4 JTOs will be brought in the next batch. As there is some dispute in maintaining the waiting list of JTOs, we have informed to GM(HR&A), the issues should be addressed so that next time the same may not repeat. GM(HR&A) assured to look into it.
5. Pending NEPPs for JTOs:
Recently 54 JEs have become JTOs and they are on field training in various units. Since their NEPP is pending in JE cadre, we have requested GM(HR&A) to issue necessary instructions so that
the NEPP fixation be completed first, prior to their JTO pay fixation.
GM(HR&A) agreed to issue necessary instructions.

During the meeting DGM(HR&A) and SDE(SR) were also present. The meeting was so cordial and useful.


CHQ News:

JTO to SDE case at Ernakulam:

As reported earlier, the case listed for tomorrow 05.01.2017, before a new bench.

Offtg JTO pay fixation case under FR 22(1)(a)(1) at PCAT, New Delhi. The case will be heard on 06.01.2017.

3rd PRC report and its implementation:

Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General/NCOA, Com V K Thomar, President/NCOA and Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA met Smt Seema Bahuguna, Secretary/DPE and Sri Madhukar Gupta, Addl Secretary/DPE and held discussions on implementation of 3rd PRC report. Secretary/DPE informed that the report is under consideration of the Govt for implementation and the processing may complete in 4 to 5 months time.

NCOA trying to meet Hon Minister, Cabinet Secretary, Finance Secretary etc to expedite the implementation.

It is gathered that the 3rd PRC recommended better fitment than the 7th CPC and it will be about 20%.

On PRP, PRC recommended to remove the Bell curve. More PRP recommended for middle level Executives and unit wise PRP also recommended.

CPSU Hierarchy implementation: Regular meeting with the Recognized Representative Association SNEA starts from tomorrow. View copy of the notice.

CP,VP,CS,CTr,ACS Com.S.Radhakrishnan, Area Secretaries Comrades D.Soundararajan, M.Jayaraj, Buddhadev, Ganesan and CWC Member Com.G.K.Saravanan met CGM, GM(F), GM(HR&A) and DGM(HR&A) on 02.01.2017 for exchange of greetings in the New Year 2017. We have reiterated to CGM that need of the hour is Formation of a separate unit for FTTH; Redeployment of staff; Outsourcing wherever manpower is inadequate. We assured that SNEA would extend its full support to the management in bringing Chennai Telephones positive.

Com.G.L.Jogi Chairman, SNEA addressed the combined meeting of the members of ChTD & TN Circles organised  on 30.12.2016 at Greams Road to celebrate the victory of SNEA in the recent membership verification for Executives. The meeting was jointly presided over by Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP/CHTD and Com.S.Balasubramaniam CP/TN circle. Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS/CHTD and Com.R.Rajasekar CS/TN Circle addressed the gathering. Senior Comrades V,Sundar, M.Munuswamy, S.Venkataraman, Victor Raj, Sironmani, Sundarakrishnan and N.ChittiBabu also have attended. Com.G.L.Jogi dwelt mainly on viability of BSNL,Standard pay scales of E2 & E3, Pay anomalies of Post 2007 JTOs/JAOs, Promotions and CPSU cadre Hierarchy. While concluding he impressed upon that struggles alone would solve the issues of viability of BSNL and other cadre issues; website postings or dialogues would solve nothing.
Chairman Com.G.L.Jogi addressed the 8th All India Conference of BSNLEU being held at Chennai on 31.12.2016. Com Jogi was very categorical in his address that the Unions/Associations would not allow to form any kind of subsidiary companies, which would lead to disintegrate BSNL. He appealed all those present in Conference Hall that preparations must be made for an indefinite strike if the proposals to form a separate Tower Company is not rolled back.



Exhibiting extraordinary solidarity, Kudos to all the activists at grass root level for the success of the first Membership Verification. Post membership verification throws new challenges and chains us to fulfill the mandate given to and trust reposed in us as Recognized Representative Association.

Our so called immediate competitor, AIBSNLEA, frantically tried its level best to marginalize us in the first historic membership verification by desperately reaching out to other participating Associations to forge an alliance with every tom, dick and harry. Its act of desperation was so conspicuous that, like a magician, it assured everyone, who came its way that everything on this earth would be resolved and that no issue would be left unresolved. Even after being supported wholeheartedly and adequately by other two Associations, having quite sizeable numbers, it was a proud moment for SNEA to singlehandedly emerge victorious and thus accomplish unique feat and recognition of being reckoned as “Majority Recognized Association”.

The run up to the first ever historic membership verification of Executives in CPSUs was truly challenging, stimulating and absorbing, with activists at all the rungs of the Organization, right from CHQ, Circle and SSA down up to the grass root level having got involved in the challenge in the most determined and wholehearted manner, putting in everything at their disposal to defeat the challenge thrown up by alliance of three Associations. The challenge for all of us became all the more daunting in view of waves of mal propaganda, and what not, unleashed by our rivals, even going to the extent of releasing fictitious and fabricated audio/video clippings, to tarnish our image and project us as a demon and greatest negative force vis-à-vis JTOs recruited by BSNL, completely brushing aside the herculean efforts put in by this Association to safeguard and promote legitimate interests of this potential segment in BSNL.

The very fact that mandate of the Executives and the trust reposed by them in us alone enabled us to earn this Majority Recognized Association status puts enormous and unthinkable responsibility on our shoulders in terms of fully living up to the trust reposed by them and carrying forward their mandate. Our task becomes doubly challenging and terribly arduous in view of the fact that no stone will be left unturned by our rivals in the days to come to defeat our struggles by distracting the focus of our comrades through vicious mal propaganda. This mal propaganda is surely going to get intensified and all out attempts would be made to derail our future struggles to get our long awaited and legitimate HR issues resolved. And struggles to get our issues addressed are going to be inevitable and unquestionably prolonged.

The greatest and the most formidable challenge before us is to ensure that upward growth trajectory momentum of the company is further accelerated so that we are placed in a very sound financial position to qualify to get the best recommendations of 3rd PRC implemented. While ensuring positive growth momentum of the Company gets intensified in the days to come, we have to also, in the process, defeat all the attacks from the policy makers and the vested interests to destabilize and weaken our beloved Company. Thus, on the one side, while our single minded focus has to be on accelerated growth of the Company, on the other we have to remain ever vigilant and on our toes to come down heavily and defeat all those policies of the Govt. that threaten to destabilize us.

Majority Recognition Status puts incredibly enormous responsibility on us in terms of getting plethora of critical HR issues resolved as quickly as possible. We are bound to address the legitimate issues of all segments and, for us, there has never been in the past nor will in future, be any kind of discrimination whatsoever between those absorbed from DOT and recruited by BSNL. This discrimination is unwarranted and counterproductive. Let all of us come together in erasing the dividing line between the two and isolating those forces who promote this distinction. We have to build cohesiveness of a kind that remains unshakeable under all situations and challenges.

We have to win the hearts of the people who are not with us through intensive persuasion and get them into our fold. Verification is the first step we have initiated to get the HR issues resolved. Our profound commitment to the Executives is that SNEA will tirelessly struggle for continuous career growth of all segments. Challenges are undoubtedly and unarguably innumerable and really daunting, needing prolonged bouts   of tough and committed struggle, and all of us have to understand this underlying fact.

Standard pay scales of E2, E3 before 3rd PRC, CPSU cadre Hierarchy up to AGM equivalent grade to end the stalemate in Functional promotions, 30% Superannuation benefits with Term Insurance/Corpus Fund as Social security, implementation of 3rd PRC and up gradation of remaining scales up to E7, addressing the issue of huge pay disparity of post 2007, first TBP after 4 to 5 years, E1A and E2A scales notionally from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/PA/PS/Arch/TF cadres, JTO to SDE promotion under seniority and LDCE quota, SDE to DE/EE and DE to DGM promotions, JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotions, Rule 8 cases etc. are the immediate challenges and issues to be settled.

Next three years are just going to be decisive and crucial in scripting the story of growth of the Company and our career growth. New Year starts with all these challenges, hopes and aspirations. We have already commenced started our post verification activities in the right direction, starting with the crucial issue of replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007, getting the issue of huge pay disparity of post 2007 resolved as quickly as possible and implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to end the deadly deadlock in functional promotions. We have a long long way to go, and with unwavering and unqualified support from all segments of Executives, we are quite confident of taking this company to new heights of glory and also fulfill the mandate given by and the trust and confidence reposed in us by the Executives to meet their aspirations of career growth.

SNEA,Chennai Telephones wishes Happy and Prosperous New Year to All.

Pay parity for the executives recruited after 01-01-2007: 
Minutes of the meeting with Director HR on 22-12-2016 regarding the demand of Pay parity for the executives recruited after 01-01-2007. The association was constantly pursuing this matter and is one of the priority issues. The matter will be referred to a committee to examine the isssue in a time bound manner.... View copy of the Minutes.

After a long time the request transfers in the cadre of JTOs have been considered by the Administration on our plea. We thank CGM/GM(HR&Admn)/DGM(Admn)/AGM(Admn)/SDE(Admn) and their team for the effort. Still some request transfers are pending we will discuss the same with the Administration and will arrange issuance of transfer order soon.
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