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With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of our veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao due to cardiac arrest at around 01.00 am. The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever. The likes of him have seldom walked the earth. Com W Seshagiri Rao cannot die, but will live on and on. We pray to the almighty to receive him into the ranks of the best and the blessed. Our deepest condolence to his respected wife, children, grand children and family members. May god sustain them to overcome the irreparable grief and loss.

A Condolence meeting is arranged on 01.02.2016@1330 hrs at Annaroad Telephone Exchange. All the comrades are requested to attend the meeting.

SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the the staff who retire today. We wish them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.

Com.G.Elavarasan Circle Treasurer and Com.M.Jayaraj Area Secretary attended the Manali CSC opening function held on 21.01.2016. Kum.S.M.Kalavathi CGM has opened the CSC. Shri.S.Venkatesan GM(NWO-CFA-North) and Smt.C.S.Devika DGM(NWO-Kal) were present. Forum leader have addressed the gathering. On behalf of SNEA Com.G.Elavarasan Circle Treasurer addressed the gathering.The function was presided over by Com.M.Gurusamy AGM.
CS and Com.M.Jayaraj AS attended the cash counter opening ceremony at Ennore CSC on 29.01.2016. Shri.S.Venkatesan GM(NWO-CFA-N) and Smt.C.S.Devika DGM(NWO-Kal) were present and addressed the gathering. The function was presided over by Com.M.Gurusamy AGM. Circle Presidents of BSNLU and NFTE were also present and addressed the gathering. CS in his address appreciated the initiative of opening cash counter at Ennore CSC. The function was well organised by Com.M.Gurusamy AGM and his team.

Second COB meeting held on 23.01.2016 at Annaroad. Com.C.Olly VP presided over the meeting. CS briefed the developments after the first COB. Detailed and fruitful discussions made on the resolutions to be submitted to the CWC, Kolkata. Com.P.Charles ACS was appreciated by all for his effort in bringing out the Diary 2016 in time. It was decided to conduct the CEC meeting on 03.02.2016(Wednesday). All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear the subscription quota upto Jan-16 and pending conference donation.

Com. R.Bhavani SDE 5ESS Kellys died on 20.01.2016 at Chennai due to massive heart attack. Cremation at Madurai. Let her soul be rest in peace. Our condolences to her family members. 

As scheduled the Joint GB meeting of SNEA Chennai Telephones and Tamil Nadu Circle conducted on 19.01.2016 at Jivana Jyoti Hall, Egmore. The meeting was jointly presided over by Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP/CHTD and Com.S.Balasubramaniam CP/TN. Com.S.Balasubramaniam CP/TN welcomed all. Com.A.Shunmuga Sundara Rajan CS/CHTD and Com.R.Rajasekar CS/TN addressed the gathering. Com.K.Sebastin GS has appreciated the contribution(effort) of Chennai Telephones staff especially SNEA members during the flood situation. He explained in detail the status of Promotions; status of committee recommendations on Standard Pay scales; CPSU cadre hierarchy; 30% superannuation benefit; the developments of 3rd PRC. On his address he emphasized the "Service With A Smile"(SWAS) is the need of the hour and everybody should ensure that we achieve the goal. Vote of thanks delivered by Com.M.K.Veerapandian CP/CHTD

Dear comrades,
A special combined GB meeting of SNEA Chennai Telephones and Tamil Nadu circle is being organized on 18.01.2016(Monday) @ 1630 hrs at Jeevana Jothi Hall, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai. Our GS will Address on Cadre issues and 3rd PRC developments. All are requested to attend the meeting.

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SNEA Chennai Telephones wishes Happy New Year to ALL

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Protest demonstrations on 22.12.2015 wearing black badges:

Forum served notice to Secretary DoT protesting against the inordinate delay in extending 78.2% IDA fitment to the retired BSNl employees. All CSs and SSA Secretaries to coordinate with other Forum leaders for the successful conduction of the protest demonstration on 22.12.2015, wearing black badges.

Chennai Forum decided to conduct lunch hour demonstration at  Flower bazzar Exchange on 22.12.2015. All the comrades are requested to participate the lunch hour demonstration.

When the nature disconnected Chennai from other parts, the BSNL, in its true spirit of Connecting India, connected all the BSNL Customers to their near and dear during the devastating calamity times too. BSNL is the only service provider provided service during all the critical natural calamities right from Jammu floods, Vizag Hud-Hud storm to the recent Chennai Floods. It is not that we are appreciating our services - it is the Public, the Media, the Agencies and the Government itself which have highlighted the relentless services provided to customers during the crisis. Only 10% of the services got affected due to the floods; remaining 90% of services were maintained even in the absence of commercial power supply. Almost all the Exchanges were kept alive with the help of Engine Alternators. Engine Alternators were continuously operated for more than 96 hours, something un-imaginable when diesel supply too was crippled. Almost all the maintenance staff turned to office during the period of crisis including Sunday; many of them even stayed back at office day and night. The staff has put their best efforts without any time restrictions. Our comrades have literally risen up to the occasion. We have once again proved the real power of commitment of Public Sector Services. The CMD and DIR (CFA) during their visit to Chennai on 09.12.2015 have appreciated the entire BSNL staff of Chennai and Tamil Nadu for their best efforts. The Chennai Telephones Management has organized a meeting for all the Unions/Associations with CMD and DIR(CFA) on 09.12.2015. CP and CS attended the meeting. The CMD assured that they will extend their full support for the restoration of the services.

On behalf of SNEA, Chennai Telephones we appreciate all the staff who took care of our esteemed customers during critical times. We thank all the SNEA members who have contributed and extended help to the victims.  

CGM, Chennai Telephones requested all the staff to attend office on 06.12.2015 (Sunday) to bring the services normal. Let us ensure the services affected, due to flood are restored to maximum possible extent.  Let us attend office enthusiastically and ensure the customer can access all BSNL services.
Let us work for BSNL glory

SNEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the staff who retire today on superannuation. We wish them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.