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Last Updated on 10.08.2020 - 05:49 PM
MV Campaign conducted on 08.08.2020 at CGM office, DGM HR/A office, Kellys Exchange building and Anna Nagar Exchange building. Today (10.08.2020) MV campaign conducted at Guindy GM-South office, K.K.Nagar Exchange building and Kodambakkam Exchange building. The response from Executives very much positive.

Telecom Sector Officer`s Association Join hands with SNEA

As a part of unification of Executive Associations, SNEA, CHTD took initiative and requested TSOA to join hands with SNEA. The SG/TSOA Com.Shilo Rao and Dy.GS/TSOA Com.Adi Govind wholeheartedly accepted the proposal of unification. It shows the magnanimity and maturity of TSOA leaders and both of them on one voice said unity can only save BSNL and unity can only resolve the pending issues of Executive fraternity in BSNL.
Today MV campaign started with unification of TSOA and SNEA. A meeting held at Annaroad Exchange complex. The meeting was presided over by Com.S.Boobalan CP. CS in his address emphasized the need of the hour is unity. CS further informed that unity can only save BSNL and the long pending issues can be resolved only by the unity. CS welcomed all the TSOA leaders and their members. SNEA office bearers honored the TSOA leaders and their members with shawl, TSOA reciprocated by honoring SNEA office bearers. Today is a golden day for SNEA. Today MV campaign done at Annaroad, K.K.Road and Haddows Road exchange. Many of the Executives shown interest on voting for SNEA, though they belongs to other associations.

Today SNEA, CHTD started MV campaign. CP,CS,CTr and Senior comrades P.Charles and G.Elavarasan participated.


Twitter campaign on 05.08.2020. National important events are coinciding on 05.08.2020.

So AUAB decided to postpone the Twitter program for few days. The new date will be announced by A/N (10.08.20 is under consideration).

Meanwhile all to concentrate on opening new Twitter account and follow SNEA on @sneachq.


The Young JTO/JAOs are the future of BSNL:

SNEA is for the bright future of JTOs and JAOs

The history of SNEA speaks volumes. Its contribution to the basic cadre shows its concern towards JTO/JAO cadres and their career prospects.

The new JTO/JAOs recruited by BSNL during 2007 to 2018 are the biggest beneficiaries of the standard pay scales, new promotion policy, Superannuation Benefits, GTI, Rule 8 transfers etc which are in final stage of approval or under implementation.

a) Protected BSNL from closure thereby protecting your jobs.

b) Standard Pay scales of E2 & E3: SNEA got 03 pay scale upgradations so far in 1) 1986, 2) 1996, 3) from 01.10.2000 and 4) continuing our strenuous efforts for E2 and E3 scales for JTO/JAO cadres and E3 scale for SDE/AO Cadres w.e.f. 01.01.2007. 

New JTO/JAOs will get quantum jump in their initial pay and the pay on 1st promotion to E3 scale.

SNEA is very much confident that with the 100% support of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, we can achieve our next goal, standard pay scales of E2 and E3.


c) Promotion and career progression: i) The restructuring exercise started in 2014 will reduce the number of posts in each Grade, drastically. We stopped its implementation till the approval of Non-post based Promotion OR CPSU CH.

ii) The Court orders on reservation in promotion become major hurdle for promotion from 2013 onwards.

To overcome the hurdles in promotion, SNEA struggled from 2002 onwards and last few years negotiated with the management for the Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion, without linking with vacancy. In all other PSUs, promotion is non-post based upto certain level. After 16 years of persuasion, SNEA got it approved from the BSNL Board and it is due from 01.07.2018. The advantages are 1) Three assured functional Promotion in 15 years, after every 5 years upto AGM Grade. Jt DGM designation after this. 2) Almost 0% dropping in all Grades (other PSUs, compulsory dropping from 15% to 60%). 3) Designation change as Deputy Manager, Manager, Senior Manager, Asst General Manager (AGM) and Jt DGM. 4) One year relaxation for the same rect/vacancy year rects. 5) Future promotions will be on Rect year /Vacancy year basis which will address the seniority issue of LDCE passed SDEs. 6) Relaxation in qualifying service from 5 years to 3-4 years for Sr SDE/AO Grade promotion. 7) Parity in Promotions among various Grades in different streams. 8) Promotion without new DPC for those in higher scales. 9) Promotion following the Reservation Policies of the Govt. 10) Efforts to reduce the residency period for promotion to AGM equivalent Grade from 12 years to 8-10 years for the seniors working in higher scales. 11) existing EPP to E5 and E6 scale. 

The young JTO/JAOs will be the biggest beneficiaries.


d) Superannuation Benefits: EPF on 12% of the emoluments (Basic+IDA) without the ceiling of 12% of Rs 15,000. 5% Superannuation Fund contribution.

e) Pay loss issue recognised by management and getting more focus.

f) Group Term Insurance (GTI) with 50 lakhs coverage.

f) Hundreds of Rule 8 transfers settled. SNEA working out a foolproof mechanism.

Your unqualified support will make SNEA strong to get them implemented for your future. Identify the forces working against

Your support will make us cross 51%:

A strong and vibrant SNEA only can resolve YOUR issues. 

CS addressed letter to CGM regarding redeployment of staff to BSNL manned CSCs for smooth functioning.