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Updated Prepaid tariff as on 01.04.2013
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Last Updated on 11.04.2014 - 11:31 AM
Kindly pursue with zonal SDE(Admn) for placing purchase order for Diary-2014. All the DSs are requested to ensure the purchase orders are issued before 31-Mar-2014.

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Since, we have to clear the CHQ quota, Divisional Secretaries are requested to collect the subscription upto Mar-14 and remit the same to Treasurer.


CS, CTr, ACS Com. P.Charles, AS (GSM&Mktg), OS (North&Central) and DS (GSM) met PGM (NWP&D-CM) on 03.04.2014 and discussed the issues concerning GSM Division. The items were submitted on 15.02.2014. During the discussion Sr.GM (NWO-CM) was also present.

Issue No.1

AMC for power plants, Immediate replacement of batteries wherever required including Phase V.1 sites and provisioning of A/C units to sites on priority basis and Replacement of out dated power plant and Provision of good infra facilities like battery, DG, adequate Power plant capacity and AC units for linked IP sites.


146 Nos. of PPs ordered and 41 Nos. of PPs were issued to field for installation. 158 Nos. of Batteries ordered. The BSS Engineers may send their requirement on priority basis for replacement.

Issue No.2

Ensuring proper security for DGs and provision of fencing to sites.


We have informed that the DGs may be recovered from the core areas where the power failure is less, provided battery back up is good. We have requested to ensure the DGs security in the remaining places.

Issue No.3

In many of the IP sites A/C is not working which resulted in OFC card fault.


Sr.GM (NWO-CM) informed to pursue with the vendor for early clearance of fault and the same may be recorded to impose penalty.

Issue No.4

Free Cooling System (FCS) is not upto the mark and the temperature level should be set at < 28oc and the FCS control card not working automatically.


Order given to install for 297 sites. Installed at 155 sites. The FCS installed at Kerala and Gujarat circles are working fine. Sr.GM (NWO-CM) asked us to provide site wise feedback for further action.

Issue No.5

Aviation lamp not working in many of the sites.


We have requested to set right the aviation lamp issues at essential places. Sr.GM (NWO-CM) agreed to set right.

Issue No.6

Requirement of TTA/JTO/SDE for BSS/OMCR/RF/VAS/MSCs and also for the stores. Requirement of Group D / TM for periodical cleaning of filters


Some JTOs have been posted to GSM wing. If further requirement is there we will take up with administration. We have insisted for redeployment evenly distributing the work load among the available Executives.

Issue No.7

Apprentice for BTS maintenance.


Sr.GM (NWO-CM) informed that we have taken up the issue with the Administration and persons are not turning up.

Issue No.8

Availability of riggers.


The present tender is expired as an interim arrangement it is instructed to operate through quotation till another tender is finalized.

Issue No.9

Non-availability of Motorola BTS stores.


We have requested Sr.GM (NWO-CM) to explore the possibility of fetching Motorola BTS spares from TN and Bangalore circles; since the Motorola BTSs were spared in these circles.

Issue No.10

Requirement of boosters.


The BSS Engineers may send their requirements for purchase by obtaining quotations

Issue No.11

Extension of all infra alarms to OMCR to monitor the status of the site.


Sr.GM (NWO-CM) informed that wherever it is not extended it would be ensured to extend all infra alarms to OMCR.

Issue No.12

Conversion of all copper media to OFC or to MW for better quality of voice and data.


253 BTS sites are working in copper media. Sr.GM (NWO-CM) informed that it is planned in 3 phases to replace the copper media with OFC

Issue No.13

Necessary arrangement for replacement of all the burnout and damaged MCB circuit breaker.


Sr.GM (NWO-CM) requested us to provide BTS wise list so as to replace the damaged MCBs.

Issue No.14

Rehabilitation of BTS earth.


BSS Engineers may verify the current earth status, if required a proposal for rehabilitation may be sent.

Issue No.15

Closure of KKN MSC


We have informed that the closure of KKN MSC is long pending and requested to expedite the process. Sr.GM (NWO-CM) agreed to it.

Issue No.16

Closure of Huawei HLRs (Active + Standby).


In accordance with Instructions issued by planning wing both the HLRs are powered off.

Issue No.17

The BSS Engineers are overloaded with the formation of task force.  The formation of Task force resulted in increase of number of BTS sites and widespread area of operation for each BSS engineer. With the formation Task Force the service is found to be improved but the BTS outage duration is increased. The improvement in service and the reduction in BTS outage can happen only when the infra is maintained well. We gave a suggestion to form BSS infra and BSS technical team with adequate staff


Sr.GM (NWO-CM) informed that after the formation of taskforce the service is much improved and assured us that the BSS team and Task force team will be strengthened.

In addition to the above discussions provision of test mobile hand sets to fields units also discussed.

JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: The final arguments started today(09.04.2014) based on the urgent petition filed by the Association. BSNL also filed an MA for early hearing. Our Sr Advocate argued for about 40 minutes. Since the case is listed for final arguments and disposal, interim prayer for vacation of stay not entertained. The case posted on 26.05.2014 for final disposal, after the summer vacation.

Circle Secretary, CEC Member Com.K.M.Vinayagam and Com.S.Ramesh SDE(Admn-S&M-CM) felicitated Com.K.Mohanasundaram DGM(S&M-CM) on 31.03.2014 in his chamber and shared his experiences. Com.K.Mohanasundaram was holding Organizing Secretary(Central) post. His contribution towards the organization and the association was appreciable.
Circle President, Circle Secretary,Area Secretary(BB&TXM), Area Secretary(Central) DS(BB), DS(ADY),  DS(GSM) and CEC Members Com.B.Balamurugan and Com.Selvaraj and members of BB division felicitated Com.R.Srinivasan DGM(BBS) on 31.03.2014 in his chamber. Com.R.Srinivasan is sincere,honest and unbiased officer. Shri.S.Sundara Rajan DGM(BBS) was also present during the occasion.
Circle President,Vice President,Circle Secretary,DS(MVM) and CEC Member Com.Ilavarasan felicitated Com.A.Ismail on 31.03.2014 at Madhavaram Exchange. Com.A.Ismail was holding DS(AMB) and subsequently AS(North) posts. His contribution towards the organization and the association was appreciable.
SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes a Happy,Healthy and Peaceful retired life to all of them.

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones wishes Comrades B.N.Sridhar DGM(NWO-CMT), K.Mohanasundaram DGM(S&M-CM), R.Srinivasan DGM(BBS), A.Ismail DE(MVM) and Jaya Sridharan SDE CSC(Porur) on their superannuation today. Com.A.Ismail DE(MVM) was holding DS(AMB) and AS(North) posts in SNEA(I). During his tenure as DS(AMB) he had complete control over AMB/AVD areas.  Com.K.Mohanasundaram DGM(S&M-CM) was holding the OS(Central) post. Com.B.N.Sridhar DGM(NWO-CMT) has donated Rs.1000/- to circle. We wish them a Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful retired life. SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones also wishes all the staff, who retire today on superannuation. We wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.
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Chromepet Division AGB held on 26.03.2014 at Chromepet exchange. All the members of the division were present. Circle Secretary, Circle Treasurer, Area Secretary(South) and Divisional Secretary(STM) attended. Divisional President Com.Peter, who is now retired, was also present. Com. B.N. Sridhar DGM (NWO-CMT) was felicitated, on account of his retirement on superannuation, during the meeting.   All the members have praised the work style of Com.B.N.Sridhar. He is a sincere,dedicated,honest and unbiased officer. CS, CTr, AS(S) and DS(STM) have addressed the gathering. CS in his address emphasized the need of unity to achieve our demands. Local issues like requirement of staff at various levels, availability of materials, submission of various types of reports, etc were also discussed during the meeting. All the members have expressed that they are working under pressure in order to meet the requirements without man power/material in time. The following members have been unanimously elected as office bearers of Chromepet division for ensuing tenure.
1. Com. Asha SDE               President
2. Com. Yuvaraj SDE            Vice President
3. Com. Pandian SDE            Secretary
4. Com. Tara  JTO             Asst. Secretary
5. Com. V.Ganesan JTO        Treasurer
6. Com. A.Sarala SDE          Asst.Treasurer
Executive Committee members: 1. Com.Akilavani SDE
                                   2. Com.Lalitha Hariharan SDE

Vote of thanks delivered by Com.Samuel Raj

JTO to SDE case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: 
It is understood that the Division bench is sitting only from 07.04.2014, the matter will be most probably posted in that week for final arguments and disposal.

JTO to SDE court case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: Since the double bench is not sitting on 24.03.2014, the case is not listed. The case is expected to list some other day in this week itself when double bench is available.

Meeting took place with CMD and DIR HR on BSNL viability issues and HR issues. Agreed to continue detailed discussion on HR issues tomorrow. Considering the positive response from BSNL Mgt to resolve the issues and the appeal made by CMD and DIR HR, it is decided to defer the relay hunger strike from tomorrow.

Circle President and Circle Secretary met CGM on 18.03.2014 and discussed about the south area issues; informed about the discussion we had with GM(South) on 12.03.2014. We have handed over the copy of letter to CGM. We discussed the relief of Com.R.Ravichandran DE from CPT SSA to Chennai and handed over a letter in this connection. We also suggested to form a separate team for FTTH execution. CGM patiently listened all the issues and assured us that suitable instructions will be issued.  

Meeting with GM (South):
Circle President, Circle Secretary, Area Secretary (South) and Divisional Secretary (STM) met GM (South) on 12.03.2014. The meeting started in an emotionally charged atmosphere. CS handed over the letter to GM (South) and informed that we came to discuss about the points mentioned in the letter. Immediately after going through the letter GM (South) stood up in anguish & said Im not ready to discuss on these issues and you can take up the matter with CGM. We said that the issues pertain to South Area and the matter needs to be discussed with the in-charge not with the Head of the Circle. We informed to GM(S) that the Executives in the South Area are working under very much pressure and with humiliation. These hostile working conditions are prompting the Executives to volunteer for retirement.
GM(S) informed us that he had an objective, monitoring mechanism, etc., for the betterment of BSNL.
Comrades what the GM (South) is expecting from all (Executives/Non-Executives) of us is that to make south area as Number one in ChTD. We the employees (Stakeholders) of BSNL do also have no second thought on it but a fast reformation cannot yield the result. More than 80% of the south area cable networks are being damaged by external agencies and our Executives are toiling like anything in the field for the immediate restoration/clearance of faults. We could gather some of the wishes of GM (South) are:
1. Pillar diagrams are to be prepared for all the pillars.
2. All the pillars are to be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation works for the high revenue fetching pillars are to be carried out immediately.
3. All the DPs are to be rehabilitated. Whenever the TM is going to clear a fault in a DP he has to rehabilitate the DP there itself.
4. Fault incidence should be NIL in the rehabilitated pillars other than Cable fault.   
5. TNF area is to be categorized as TNF-1, TNF2, TNF3 and action is to be initiated according to TNF category to make the TNF to be feasible.
6. Action to be taken for zero meter reading VPTs.
7. Right from TM to DGM has to visit customer premises in case of repeated faults.
8. GM(S) has formed a committee for local purchases (Tape, Jelly, etc...). This committee will finalize the genuinety of vendor for each item. Top 10 genuineness vendor names will be displayed in the intranet. The field level officers should get quotation from the finalized vendors and the items are to be procured from them.
9. One day exclusively to be allotted for provision of new line and BB and no other activities are to carried out on that day.
10. Reports for requirement of stores,fault incidence/clearance and so on.

The meeting lasted for more than 4 hours. GM (South) has consumed (spoken) 90% of the meeting duration. During the discussion GM(South) has shared his experience when he was playing an active role as CGM in Andaman & Nicobar.(To know more information browse Andaman & Nicobar Circle link in AIBSNLEA site). GM (South) has categorically told that he cannot be silent Area GM but want to be so active. Finally, he made an appeal to us to make use of our influence for his transfer.        

Com.Venkatraman`s (SDE MSC FBR) father died on 14.03.2014 due to illness.  SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones Conveys its deepest Condolences to him and their family members for the greatest loss.  

DE to DGM(LA) order issued.
Transfer order issued for DEs from Chennai to CPT SSA and vice versa

Circle President, Circle Secretary, Area Secretary(South) and Divisional Secretary (STM) met GM(NWO-South) on 12.03.2014 and discussed the agenda points mentioned in the letter. The meeting lasted for more than 4 hours. The detail information of discussion will be uploaded.

SLP in Hon Supreme Court on seniority list no 6 & 7 linked with notional date of promotion:
The SLPs were listed for final disposal on 11.03.2014. Since the judges were hearing an urgent constitutional matter in the constitution bench, the SLPs were not considered. It will be taken up after few weeks, after the constitution matter is over .