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As per the call given by All India AUAB struggle program on 16.7.2020 for Black flag lunch hour demonstration. 
On behalf of Chennai Circle AUAB  decided to conduct the *LUNCH HOUR BLACK FLAG DEMONSTRATION* *at* *ANNA ROAD TELEPHONE EXCHANGE COMPLEX*( 13.30 hrs to 14.30 hrs) with Social distance. Kindly organise our all AUAB members and success the demonstration.

The outgoing Circle Secretary Com.P.Charles introduced the newly elected office bearers to CGM and GM HR&Admn on 07.07.2020. Com.P.Charles appraised the CEC meeting held on 06.07.2020 thru VC. He further introduced Com.S.Boobalan AO EB is co-opted as Circle President, Com.A.S.Suresh DE MRS is co-opted as Circle Secretary and Com.V.Saravanan JTO RKN BSS as Circle Treasurer. During the meeting Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan CWC Member, Com.G.Elavarasan VP, Com.Buddhadev Gantayat OS and Com.K.K.Joshi CWC Member were present.

Com.A.S.Suresh Circle Secretary felicitated CGM

Com.A.S.Suresh Circle Secretary felicitated GM HR&Admn

We thanked CGM, GM HR&A, DGM HR&A and their team for issuance of Looking After arrangement in DGM, DE and SDE cadre.  During the meeting the local issues as discussed in the CEC meeting was discussed with CGM. We have informed to CGM, that the field officers are suffering a lot without Ty.Advance. The non-payment of rental to owners and non-settlement of vendor bills also discussed. The issues faced by GSM unit Executives of non-availability of OLA Package was discussed. CGM informed that a separate meeting with GSM wing will be conducted. We have informed to CGM that, the security deposit for the closed GSM sites to the tune of 80 Lakhs is available with TNEB department. Though the BSS team is pursuing with TNEB department, the desired result could not be achieved. Hence, we requested to form a separate team to deal the issue to ensure the 80 Lakhs deposit amount is settled. CGM agreed and instructed to GM HR&A to issue necessary order in this regard. CGM informed that CHTD is in slow progress w.r.t FTTH provision. We also informed to CGM that the finalization of LCOT takes a lot of time. We requested to stream line the procedure so as to enroll more number of FTTH vendors.   

Chennai Telephones Circle Executive Committee Zoom Meeting was held on 06.07.2020. Com.S.Radhakrishnan Circle President welcomed all and presided over the meeting. Com.A.A.Khan CHQ President, Com.K.Sebastin GS and Com.R.Rajan CHQ Treasurer addressed during the meeting. Com.K.Sebastin GS explained all the developments and the present status of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, standard pay scale of E2/E3, pay loss to 2007/2008 recruited Executives (ie Rs.22820/-), Superannuation benefits, 3rd Pay revision, Seniority issue of List 9, Payment of salaries, Pending Rule-8 transfers etc. GS clarified all the queries raised. The CEC unanimously co-opted the following members as circle office bearers:

1.Com.S.Boobalan AO EB Circle President ( 2016 Recruited JAO)
2.Com.A.S.Suresh DE MRS Circle Secretary ( 2002 Recruited JTO)
3.Com.V.Saravanan JTO BSS RKN Circle Treasurer (LICE JTO 2015-16)

During the meeting the local issues of delay in sanctioning Temporary Advance to field officers, non-payment of rent to owners, non-settlement of vendor bills, etc was discussed. Further it was decided in the meeting to give memento to the members, based on the July 2020 membership list. 

Vote of thanks delivered by Com.G.Elavarasan


Dear comrades,

It has come to our notice, the AIGETOA is making false propaganda to enroll LICE JTOs into their fold. AIGETOA is giving false statement that SNEA could not achieve E2 and E3 standard pay scales. E2 and E3 pay scales could not be achieved due to AIGETOA only, they went to Chandigarh CAT against DOT/BSNL for non-implementation of standard pay scales.  When SNEA was sincerely persuing for implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales, Hon.CAT gave the Judgment to implement standard pay scales. Based on this Judgment only the aggrieved DOT has issued a confused presidential order to implement E1 for JTO/JAO and E2 for SDE/AO. If AIGETOA could have not gone to court, the E2 and E3 pay scales would have been settled by this time. This DOT order could not be implemented in BSNL only because of the strong opposition by SNEA.

In 2013, in the joint committee meeting chaired by Shri. M.C. Choubey, ED(CN), management side offered E2 and E3 pay scales from 01.01.2007 ie from 2nd PRC date. GS / AIGETOA demanded E2 scale from 01.10.2000 onwards which management side rejected. Then who stopped E2 and E3. Pay scales mentioned in the RR automatically change as and when scales change. It`s normal procedure

The AIGETOA opposed and gave letter to the BSNL Management in reducing the qualifying service to write JTO LICE from 10 years to 5 years. SNEA and other unions insisted to reduce the period from 10 years to 7 years and finally to 5 years, thereby now the JE who have served for 5 years is eligible.  SNEA made the LICE current.  All the eligible JEs wrote the LICE exam and qualified to become JTO. After the declaration of LICE results on each occasion, SNEA intervened and discussed the matter with Administration for arranging Phase-I and Phase-II training. When the BRBRAITT, Jabalpur allotted the training centre for the LICE passed candidates to various training centers other than Chennai RTTC, SNEA intervened and ensured the training for the candidates are given at Chennai itself. SNEA intervened at all levels including BRBRAITT to ensure the candidates are trained for Phase-I and Phase-II training in Chennai itself. Some interested candidates voluntarily gone to other training centres. SNEA ensured the place of posting is near to their residence and to their choice to the maximum extent. No AIGETOA office bearers met the JTOs on the day completion of their training. SNEA met the entire batch JTOs and welcomed them as a pride Executive. AIGETOA opposes Diploma holder JTO promotion to DE. They have to retire as SDE.

Don`t listen to the Group leader, who confused you. Don`t allow others to make decision on your right, where you have to be member and ensure your rights are protected.  Listen to yourself and recollect the achievement what SNEA did for you. We could deliver the maximum to you as a member of SNEA. Hope your decision would be for the betterment of BSNL and for yourself. Be at right place.


EPF Full Pension Case filed by NCOA/NCR at Hon SC:

The revised data received from few Circles. Remaining Circles are to collect the information urgently. Additional personal details of the individuals becoming applicants in the case such as a) Fathers name, b) Date of birth, c) Designation with place of posting and d) employer name (BSNL) are required.

The lawyer had given us time upto 18.07.2020 to submit the list. So the list should reach CHQ latest by 17.07.2020.

The case was filed by NCOA and NCR in the Hon SC.

All the Executives interested to become party in the petition in the Hon Supreme Court can utilise this opportunity. In some earlier cases, EPFO extended the Full Pension benefits to the applicants alone, not to all similarly placed pensioners. So, lawyer advised us all members individually to become a direct party, without taking any risk.

All CSs, SSA Secs, Branch Secs and activists should ensure that each and every BSNL recruited Executive is informed about the court case and if they are interested to become party in the case, details are to be collected and mailed.

For avoiding hardship to the individuals for sending individual vakalatnama, General Secretary will be signing the affidavit on behalf of all the applicants.


SNEA gone to court for facilitating promotion, for removing hurdles on promotion and not to stop or stay the promotions.

SNEA formerly known as JTOA, the cadre Association representing the JTO cadre alone. After BSNL formation in 2003, SNEA formed, representing all the Executives in different cadres. Our focus was always on the upliftment of the basic cadres. When there was not much hindrances on promotion, SNEA could promote about 21,200 JTOs as SDEs in 11 years, from 2000 to 2011. Today JTOs from 1999, 2000, 2001 onwards rect are struggling for promotion. Who stopped their SDE(T) promotions since 2011 deliberately?

I. Developments during LDCE 2007:

For LDCE 2007, initially 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04 and 2004-05 vacancies only notified. It is due to the efforts of SNEA, management included 2005-06 vacancies also for the same LDCE. The 2005-06 year vacancy was just 112. SNEA intention was, the first BSNL directly recruited batch, 2001 rects should get a chance to become SDE for their future career progression.

AIGETOA started opposing the LDCE. Their demand was JTOs should be directly promoted as DE/AGM, not as SDE! As seen today, they filed cases at different courts, praying for stay on LDCE. Vigilant SNEA and management ensured that no stay is granted and LDCE conducted. The AIGETOA given a call to oppose the LDCE. Our attempt to include 2005-06 vacancies made 2001 rect JTOs eligible to appear in LDCE and about 890 JTOs of 2001 rect become SDEs, just in 6 to 7 years of service, utilising the carry forward, unfilled vacancies of previous years. Large number of AIGETOA leaders (present CHQ/Circle/SSA leaders also) defied the call of AIGETOA to boycott the LDCE, written and passed the LDCE, vindicating the stand of SNEA. However their ordinary members did not write the LDCE, missing their opportunity!


II. The history of Court cases from Chennai to Ernakulam --- 10 years?

The Lead applicant in the case, who is still a JTO (Shri Madhumohan, others are LDCE SDEs) left AIGETOA, who was the Circle Office Bearer of AIGETOA Kerala Circle, Why? He understood that his Assn is simply for stopping the promotions, not for clearing the hurdles. The Court case was on JTO to SDE promotion but the applicants are SDEs, why? Who stopped the promotion from JTO to SDE since 2011 and continuing the same situation today also and trying to put the blame on SNEA? By planting lies, facts cannot be hiden forever. The JTOs, especially 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 rect JTOs are waiting for promotion, should atleast realise at this late hours, who is stopping their promotion...

Prayer in the petition at CAT, Chennai and Ernakulam:

i) 1:1 interpolation of seniority between Promotees and Direct Rects. ii) Fixation of Seniority based on  DoJ instead of Training Centre marks.

From 1995 to 2000, there was no direct rect JTO in DoT. AIGETOA demand was 1995 rect JTO (promotee) and 2001 rect DR JTO should be interpolated in the ratio 1:1 for SDE promotion, ignoring the rect year. (If that happens, today 2007 & 2008 Rect DR JTO and 2013 & 2017 rect LICE JTO would have interpolated in the ratio 1:1 as 50% promotion quota not filled for 2007 and 2008. Whether 2007 & 2008 rect DR JTOs understood the repercussions of AIGETOA case for them? Today they are pretending as saviours of 2007 and 2008 rects!)

Result: They lost both the cases at Chennai as well as Ernakulam. Court ordered that 2001 rects cannot claim seniority or interpolation with 1995 JTOs, rejecting the 1:1 claim. Court ordered fixation of seniority of JTOs based on Date of Joining, putting break on all further promotions. At that time some of the promotee JTOs were joined after the date of Joining of DR though the promotees were selected for the vacancies of DOT period. Interestingly the very same Association is demanding preparation of SDE seniority list not to be based on date of Joining but should be as per quota/vacancy year. SNEA stand in both cases is same, rect/vacancy year.

In 2007, AIGETOA opposed LDCE. Later on they changed the stand. In 2010, AIGETOA activists filed the first case at CAT/Chennai demanding 1:1 interpolation of 2001 onwards DR JTOs with 1995 rect JTOs and so on, ignoring rect year. Their intention was to stay JTO to SDE SCF promotion. Court stayed further DPC. SNEA impleaded in the case through affected parties. In 2011, court vacated the stay for few weeks. As done in 2018, SNEA could pursue and issue promotion order in March, 2011 for 2008-09 vacancy year. Immediately, promotion orders stayed and about 200 JTOs promoted could not join as SDE. In 2013, CAT dismissed the petition upholding BSNL stand and the 200 JTOs could join as SDE. They lost the case at Chennai.

Immediately after that, they filed similar case at Ernakulum and CAT stayed the operation of the eligibility list for promotion. SNEA impleaded through affected parties. Again they lost the case in the CAT. They filed appeal in the High Court and stay continued. Final arguments on the appeal completed in 2017 itself but judgment did not pronounced.

In between for finding an amicable solution to the court case, management called the applicants from Kerala to BSNLCO for discussion. During the discussion, management assured to issue the promotion order at the earliest and they agreed to withdraw the case. SNEA also paid from its own account for their travelling expenses from Kerala to New Delhi on the good faith that they will withdraw the case and finally our Executives are getting benefitted. But later on, they changed their stand and not withdrawn the case.

On 17.05.2018, Hon SC gave an interim direction allowing reservation in promotions. The case at Ernakulam was posted for judgment on 23.05.2018 but postponed to 30.05.2018. Our efforts was to promote both LDCE for 2010-11 and SCF for 2009-10 and 2010-11 together. Finally Hon HC delivered the judgment on 05.06.2018 dismissing their appeal, after reserving the judgment for one and half years. Hon HC ordered that 2001 onwards rect JTOs cannot claim vacancy or seniority from 1995 and the prayer for interpolation at 1:1 ratio with 1995 JTOs rejected. Further Hon HC directed that the seniority of JTOs is to be revised, based on date of joining instead of Training Centre marks. The seniority of supernumerary/excess promotee as JTO from 2001 also revised. This made the seniority of JTOs recruited upto 2000 year intact as there was no there was no excess promotion direct rect JTO upto 2000. Hon HC gave 6 months time to revise the seniority.

BSNL published the JTO eligibility list upto 1999 rect year which declared undisputed by the Hon HC and issued promotion orders for 3147 JTOs for the vacancy year 2009-10 and 2010-11. In this DPC, BSNL promoted JTOs recruited for 1995 (partial), 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999(partial) rect years. LDCE promotion for 2009-10 was issued in July/2013 and for 2010-11 vacancy year was issued on 25.05.2018.

Against the promotion order, AIGETOA activists filed contempt petition in the CAT/EKM against CMD and GM(Pers) on the plea that 1:1 ratio is not followed in promotion. Management very much annoyed over this development. The contempt against the CMD at Ernakulam and Chandigarh had adverse impact on the notification of CPSU Hierarchy promotion w.e.f. 01.07.2018 also. Whole management was totally upset with the contempt case after promoting thousands of Executives.

When CPSU Hierarchy notification delayed, PARITY in promotions among different wings became one of our very strong demand. We pleaded with the management that SDE promotion can be given for the remaining JTOs through the interim measure suggested by the Hon HC, promotions in the ratio 1:1 till finalization of the eligibility list based on DoJ for the direct rects and excess promotes. AIGETOA was against this on the plea that remaining all the vacancies is to be filled with direct rects alone which management did not agree. In fact the number of promotees were very less, hardly 200 in every vacancy year. Finally AIGETOA forced to accept the proposal of BSNL but insisted for written assurance from management. Management declined to give any written assurance to AIGETOA but on our consistent pleadings, agreed to file an affidavit in the CAT to the effect that promotion will be made very shortly against all the vacancies (about 4870). But management put a condition that AIGETOA leaders should not press for contempt against CMD and GM(P), then only promotion orders will be issued. AIGETOA leaders agreed to this and we were very much hopeful that, in the hearing at CAT after few days, whole issue will be resolved. Management filed the affidavit accordingly (see the website dated 01.01.2019). Meanwhile management completed all the preparatory work for issuing SDE promotion orders which would have included 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2008 rect JTOs (see the website dated 03.01.2019, 04.01,2019). 

Unfortunately, AIGETOA taken a U Turn at CAT/EKM in the contempt hearing date, 07.01.2019 and their lawyer pleaded for initiating contempt proceedings against CMD/BSNL. After the arguments, Hon CAT decided to frame charges against CMD and GM(Pers). If AIGETOA accepted the BSNL proposal and not insisted for contempt proceedings against CMD/BSNL, there was every possibility for JTO to SDE promotion for about 4870 vacancies in a couple of days. This development has almost closed the doors for further promotion from JTO to SDE.

Against the adverse judgment from the HC on seniority fixation, BSNL filed Review Petition in the HC which is opposed by AIGETOA side lawyer. BSNL compelled to file the review petition as the judgment will affect even the earlier JTO rect and future one also. On our plea, BSNL deputed senior lawyer from New Delhi to plead the case at HC/EKM. Pleadings completed and judgment reserved, almost one year back. This is the fate of the court cases.

AIGETOA started the court cases in 2010, just to stop the promotion of the senior JTOs absorbed from DoT but all of them retired by now. But the adverse court order obtained by them, today really pinching the remaining JTOs who are BSNL directly recruited. Outside, they postured that they want SDE promotion. Behind the scene, they strongly pursued the case and ensured that management becomes hostile or the court gives an adverse order to BSNL. So far they could stop the promotion of the remaining JTOs from 2018 by all means. At any cost, they do not want to see that SDE promotions is taking place for the juniors, w.e.from 2018, so they are now openly advocating to the management not to implement CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018 and opposing it. Just to stop the promotion of the youngsters.

When CPSU CH was about to be approved in the BSNL Board meeting on 02nd Dec 2017, AIGETOA activists filed case in CAT Ernakulam against  CPSU CH and demanded promotion as per LDCE and further by DPC only. They got an injection on 01.12.2017 restraining the Board from approving the proposal, a big blow to the aspirations of thousands of Executives.

Now also when SNEA is demanding promotion retrospectively w.e.f 1st July 2018 as approved by BSNL Board to all those completed 5 years of service, AIGETOA is opposing CPSU CH promotion and demanding promotion against limited available vacancies to keep the LICE JTOs out. They are unable to digest promotion of LICE JTOs so fast. 

It is high time for the JTOs waiting for their promotion to analyse who is working against their interest, who is working for their smooth career progression and whose actions stopping their promotion. When SNEA demanding promotion from 01.07.2018 for the JTOs, AIGETOA opposing it and demanding that it should be from 2020 or a later date only! They will continue to stop all the promotions till verification takes place as they want to use it as a vote bank politics.

Even today, when SNEA is pursuing the implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018 with full vigour, we are exploring the remote possibility to give any promotion through DPC also in any cadre. This pragmatic approach we had taken at all the time, in promotions. However, the Reservation issue did not give any breakthrough so far. Management also delaying any type of promotion till the completion of restructuring.


SNEA gone to court for facilitating promotion:

AIGEOTA gone to court for stopping or staying the promotions.

When the SDE to DE DPC was at the final stage in June 2018, AIGETOA activists filed two petitions, one at Chennai and another at Ernakulam demanding stay for SDE to DE, DPC and promotion. The application filed, praying against promotion of SDEs without Engineering degree as DEs. Ernakulam CAT stayed the DPC. They suppressed the fact that similar prayer has been already dismissed by Chennai CAT. SNEA timely intervened. SNEA got impleaded in the case, produced the CAT/Chennai order and got the stay vacated. These promotions materilised only through the organisational and legal efforts by SNEA.


More than 13,000 Executives could promote in record time in June, 2018 only because of the approval of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy by the BSNL Board and the management decision to implement it by 01.07.2018.

The decision for implementation of CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018 is recorded in the Pers section file. Copy of the Note sheet received through RTI. Pl go through Note sheet para 1 and 4(c).

Copy of the Note sheet conveying the management decision for implemenattion of CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018 received through RTI


During the Recognition period, 14,082 promotions.

Record Number of promotions in May-June, 2018:

Remaining promotions from 01.07.2018

The promotions in all the cadres were held up for years together due to various litigations. More than 13,000 Executives could promote in record time only because of the approval of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy by the BSNL Board and management decision to implement it by 01.07.2018.

The decision for implementation of CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018 is recorded in the Pers section file.  Note sheet para 1 and 4(c).

We could make big headway in promotions in the small window we got in 2018, allowing reservation in promotions by the interim order of Hon SC dated 17.05.2018. That also when we were surround by litigations and adverse court orders. AO to CAO promotion was held up from 2013, JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE etc after 2015, due to the reservation issue.

The promotion orders issued in May-June 2018 created history in many ways: i) Record number of promotions in a year. ii) All the vacancies in all cadres filled up for the first time. iii) Golden opportunity for promotion to the remaining JTOs from 01.07.2018.

However, 5237 JTO(T)s only could promote. After 2011, SDE promotion could not take place for full vacancies due to the court cases in CAT Chennai, CAT Ernakulam & High Court of Kerala etc challenging the Eligibility list of JTOs  by the AIGETOA activists. In the cases at Chennai and Ernakulam, SNEA got impleaded to protect the Eligibility list prepared and got the stay vacated. 

On JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion, we could do wonders when there was no stay of promotions. 21,195 JTOs promoted as SDEs in 11 years from the year 2000 to 2011. Every alternate year, we could conduct DPC (April/2000:4800, December/2001:5100, June/2002:550, May/2004:1509, Sept/2004:2481, January/2005:140, March-2007:955, November/2008:1729, May/2009:2084, March/2011: 1847. Total: 21,195).

Since 2015, the promotions in almost all the cadres were stuck up due to litigations, mainly on the issue of i) reservation in promotions and ii) seniority fixation. After the Hon SC judgment on reservation, various court cases filed on this issue. The promotions in various cadres especially JAO to AO, AO to CAO, JTO to SDE and SDE to DE etc were held up for long time due to reservation issue. After the long waiting for relief, Govt and BSNL got a temporary relief by the interim order of Hon SC dated 17.05.2018 which allowed reservation in promotions; reserved to reserved, unreserved to unreserved and promotion ON Merit.

Fully utilising this opportunity, we could first issue JTO to SDE LDCE promotion on 25.05.2018 for the vacancy year 2010-11 (total promotion: 2090). Some group made malpropaganda that the promotion orders on LDCE was stalled by SNEA and got released by them. On 5th June, judgment delivered by Hon Ernakulam HC in JTO to SDE promotion, giving partial relief. On 15.06.2018, we could issue JTO to SDE promotion order for the vacancy years 2009-10 and 2010-11 under SCF (total promotion: 3147). In any DPC, promotion order will be issued according to the number of vacancies considered for DPC, not JTO batch wise. In June 2018 DPC, 1999 rect JTOs partially covered. It is another malpropaganda by the same group who stalled the SDE promotions from 2011 that the DPC was stopped where BSNL recruits name appeared. In the earlier 2011 DPC, only half of 1995 rect JTOs promoted, remaining JTOs promoted in the 2018 DPC. Though thousands of SDE vacancies were available, this could not be filled  as the Eligibility list of JTOs recruited from 2001 onwards  were to be re-casted as per  order from Hon. High Court of Kerala as per Date of Joining, in the case filed by AIGETOA activists. If the management proposal was accepted by AIGETOA and not pressed for the contempt case against CMD, then also another 4500 vacancies we could have filled after June, 2018 DPC.  

Immediately after this promotion, management started discussions on promotions to different cadres for the available vacancies. During the meetings with CMD, DIR(HR) and GM(Pers); management was of the opinion that the DPCs can be completed in 3 to 6 months time, by Sept-December and CPSU Hierarchy can be implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2019. In all the meetings, SNEA continuously demanded implementation of the CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018 for giving promotion to all the eligible Executives. If DPC is going to be held, it should be completed before 01.07.2018 to the possible extent, we insisted. This was for maintaining uniformity and parity in promotions in all the grades. We insisted for Parity in promotions and we were of the opinion that parity cannot be achieved by post based promotions. After several discussions, finally management agreed for notification and implementation of the CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018 and assured to complete as much DPCs possible before that, by 30.06.2018 itself which was agreed by SNEA. SNEA always stood for any positive development on promotion to the Executives. Remaining is history. Our firm stand during the negotiation, for implementation of the CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018, resulted promotion of thousands of Executives on 29.06.2018 itself, in record time, filling all the vacancies, except in SDE(T) and the assurance for notification of CPSU Hierarchy from 01.07.2018. For completing the DPCs in time, management took some un-precedented steps: i) Promotion given for those who are in higher scales without conducting further DPC since they were all in higher scale after a DPC with same/higher bench marks. This was made possible since same provision got incorporated in CPSU promotion. ii) Upgradation of posts done for promotion to AO and DE cadres. This also done because of CPSU Hierarchy approval and management decision to implement it from 01.07.2018. In CPSU Hierarchy, promotions are Time Bound, not vacancy based and all the existing vacancies will be treated as abolished. The filling up of existing vacancies, as much possible, through promotions will make  the implementation of the newly approved policy smooth.

Why upgradation for JAO to AO and SDE to DE/AGM posts done: Is it had impact on JTO to SDE promotion?

To overcome the court cases on reservation at various CATs, JAO posts upgraded to AO posts to cover all the 2012 batch JAOs and given promotion on 29.06.2018. The seniority list of JAOs were not under dispute as in the case of JTOs. So upgradation helped the promotion.

In SDE to DE/AGM promotion, eventhough the reservation issue got some relief, the contradictory judgments from the Hon SC made the list 6 & 7 again under dispute. Initially, the seniority lists 6, 7 & 8 were prepared as per vacancy year, in 3:1 ratio. This has been challenged in various courts at Chandigarh, Mumbai and Ernakulam and finally Hon Supreme Court quashed the seniority lists, based on 3:1 ratio and directed BSNL to revise the seniority based on Date Of Joining(DOJ). Hon SC held that seniority is not defined in the SDE RR 1996 and 2002 and hence Quota can be given vacancy year wise but 3:1 seniority cannot be given. Finally BSNL revised the seniority list 6, 7 & 8 based on Date Of Joining when contempt petition filed against BSNL. On revision of seniority list based on Date Of Joining, all SDEs passed the LDCE 2002 against the vacancy years 1996-97 to 2000-01 and promoted in May 2004 became juniors to the  SDEs promoted against SCF Quota for the vacancy years 1996-97 to 2001-02 and promoted in April/2000, December/2001 and June/2002. SCF for 2001-02 year was promoted in June/2002. Similarly all SDEs passed the LDCE 2007 against the vacancy years 2001-02 to 2005-06 and promoted in November 2008 became juniors to the SDEs promoted against the SCF Quota for the vacancy years 2001-02 to 2005-06 who promoted in June/2002, Sept/2004, Jan/2005 and March/2007. The Review Petition and another SLP filed thereafter also not successful.

On 11.08.2017, Hon SC issued an interim order permitting BSNL to make the DE promotions with SDE seniority in 3:1 ratio, subject to final outcome. This judgment was applicable only for list 6&7 and the applicants were from list 6 & 7. This was in contradiction to the earlier Hon SC order for fixation of seniority on Date Of Joining. Due to the conflicting judgments, BSNL could not conduct the DPC for the existing 1782 vacancies at that time. In seniority list 6 & 7, about 4500 SDEs were there.

Since BSNL Board approved the CPSU Hierarchy and management decided to implement it from 01.07.2018 onwards, BSNL decided to temporarily upgrade SDE posts to DE posts to promote all the SDEs in list 6 & 7 which was disputed by the Hon SC orders and SC/ST from list 8. Finally we could promote 4796 SDEs as DEs overcoming all the hurdles. This promotion created SDE vacancies, almost equal to the SDE posts upgraded.

Finally, Hon SC dismissed the SLP later on, in line with the earlier judgment directing fixation of the SDE seniority based on DoJ. The Review Petition also dismissed.

If upgradation not done, the AO and DE promotion would not have happened.

When CPSU Hierarchy notification from 01.07.2018 delayed, we demanded parity in promotions through upgradation of posts. This has been considered by the management in the month of July-August, 2018. Finally management did not approved it because of the huge number of further post upgradations required in all the cadres for bringing parity (For clearing list 8, more than 3000 DE posts were required at that time. For parity in JTO cadre up 2013 rects, about 5000 additional posts required evenif seniority fixation issue resolved. Similarly for other cadres also).

For details, visit our website updations in June, July and August, 2018.

Comrades, we could do this with the support of all of you. That also when we are all struggling for our survival, company was facing the threat of closure. We could have done better if the stay on promotions were not there and the High Court order directing BSNL to revise the JTO Eligibility list based on DoJ was not come. But we will ensure their promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 itself.

Promotions in different Cadres during

December/2016 to June/2020


Number of promotions

JTO(T) to SDE(T)

5237= (3147 + 2090)



JTO(C) to SDE(C)


JTO(E) to SDE(E)




JTO(Arch) to AE(Arch)


SDE(T) to DE(T)




SDE(C) to EE(C)


SDE(E) to EE(E)




DE(T) to DGM(T)


EE(C) to SE(C)






After the small window BSNL got in 2018 for promotion with reservation, final judgments come from the Hon SC, again endorsing the Nagaraju judgment on Reservation. This has further created problems for promotion and the same status continuing today also for promotion in all the cadres. As we afraid, the 25.02.2020 order of CAT Chandigarh on SDE to DE, JAO to AO and AO to CAO and the direction to review the promotions for the SC/ST candidates created fresh hurdles for promotion in all the cadres.

In all the meetings, Management expresses its difficulty in giving promotions due to the Reservation issue. This has been told to all the Assns. But some Associations are hiding this fact and publicly taking the stand that there is no issue of reservation in promotion and not telling what management told them. They have to explain now, why they suppressed the facts from the Executives. Is it just to confuse the people Or just for their votes? If management is ready to give promotions as they are claiming, why it did not come even after several dates announce by them?


We could promote 21,200 JTOs as SDEs in 11 years, from 2000 to 2011. Who stopped SDE(T) promotions from 2009 onwards deliberately ---  tomorrow.

4G launching getting delayed: We gathered from many sources that Govt is not in favour of allowing Chinese vendors participating in the new 4G Tender or in the upgradation of existing BTSs (Nokia & ZTE) to 4G. So far nothing has been communicated officially to BSNL. Different Govt agencies having varying views on the subject. Lot of vendors are putting their weight behind the Govt at higher level to cancel the tender and go for indigenous equipments. But who is manufacturing indigenous equipments with indigenous Technology, no Govt Department is able to spell out. The opinion of DoT, Niti Ayog, Commerce Ministry and PMO varies on this. Nokia, Ericsson etc manufacturing their equipments in India but Technology is foreign. Niti Ayog is for indigenous Technology and indigenous equipments. But Technical experts differ on it on the plea that indigenous 4G Technology is not available. Whether equipments can be divided into Core, Radio etc and indigenous Technology can be limited to Core equipments, that also examining. There is a strong thinking in Govt Circles to financially support BSNL if the rates are high. But who will compensate the losses for the abnormal delay, no answer. Whether the newly formed Technical Committee formed after intervention at higher level may give an answer to this? We have to wait for few weeks. The Committee consists of Member(Technology)/Chairman, DG(Telecom)/DoT, Director/IIT Madras, Director/IIT Kanpur, Representative from NSCS, DIR(CM)/BSNL, DIR(Technical)/MTNL and DDG(PM)/DoT. It is asked to submit the report in 2 weeks time.


Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 25.06.2020:

GSs of SNEA & AIBSNLEA, President/SNEA and AGS/AIBSNLEA met CMD/BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

1) 4G launching: CMD informed that discussions are going on at various level, in Empowered Technical Group, DoT, Niti Ayog, PMO etc., Govt formed a Committee to consider the changes required in the BSNL tender as well as upgradation proposal. According to CMD, 4G launching getting delayed irrespective of the fact that management is putting its best efforts.

2) Conduction of 2nd Membership Verification during i) Covid 19 Pandemic situation and ii) Land line/Cable/OFC faults are getting accumulated and services getting deteriorated:

We shared our concern on conducting the MV in August, 2020 as many places are declared as containment zones and hot spots. Employees are not able to attend the office. Employees are running from pillar to post for maintenance of service and rectification of faults during the monsoon and pandemic period. Landline faults, BB faults and OFC faults are increasing day by day, beyond control. Operation and maintenance works seriously affected. This timing is selected by the Management to restrict the movement of the Office bearers to different Circles for campaigning, we pointed out.

CMD informed that notification was overdue. Notification issued and work started in this regard. However if situation needed, decision can be reviewed.

3) Ex-Gratia payment to VRS optees: CMD informed that, may be due to the financial crisis and 15% Ceiling Limit of first quarter ending 30.6.2020, Govt allotted 3600 Cr for BSNL and MTNL together instead of BSNL balance requirement  of Rs.9300 Cr.CMD further mentioned that out 3600 Cr, BSNL portion 3000 Cr only. By this payment, the total Ex-Gratia payment will reach about 51% of the total amount due.

4) Ex-Gratia payment to employees facing Court cases (Civil/Personal): We made our strong protest against the DoT order withholding the payments simply based on Court cases. This order can be misused by anyone. Simply filing an FIR just before the retirement can spoil the retirement benefits and entire life. CMD also agreed to our concern and agreed to take up with DoT.

5) Implementation of merger of Project and Maintenance Regions: We expressed our concern over the delay in implementation of the order. We brought to the notice of CMD that Man power, Stores and Vehicles are not properly utilized. We are getting complaints from the Executives posted in the Maintenance regions frequently about their hardships.