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Last Updated on 24.11.2014 - 09:52 AM
Circle Office Bearers Meeting held on 22.11.2014 at Annaroad Exchange. Com.N.Chitti Babu Circle President Welcomed all and presided over the meeting. Circle Secretary briefed the developments after the last COB meeting. Circle Secretary during the meeting explained in detail the status and developments of modification of place of posting for AGMs/DEs. It was decided to go ahead with printing of Diary 2015. We will be pursuing with the Administration for its approval. Vote of thanks conveyed by Com.P.Charles ACS.

Since Coal India workers has deferred the strike, the lunch hour demonstration of SNEA(I) scheduled on 24-11-2014,  in support of Coal India is deferred till further notice.

20-11-2014 CHQ News:

Meeting with GM(Estt): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(Estt) and held discussions on a) issuing guidelines on fixation of seniority among the JTOs who are eligible for different vacancy years in the last TTA to JTO LICE and b) allowing option to the JAO 2010 batch for pay fixation as per 2nd PRC beyond 07.05.2010, the cutoff date.

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(Pers) and held discussions on issued related to soft tenure stations and cancelling the transfer orders of Executives working in soft tenure places in AP, PB and HP Circles. After discussion GM(Pers) assured that remaining orders also will be issued soon.

DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Reg) VC for 27 DGMs received from CVO office. Promotion orders will be processed soon.

SNEA(I) UP(East) published JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE study materials in their website

Click here for downloading Study Materials->   Paper-I  Paper-II-CFA Paper-II-CM

19-11-2014 Dear Comrades,
SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones supports the strike of Coal India workers on 24th Nov 2014 by holding Lunch hour demonstration. The  lunch hour demonstration will be held in front of O/o CGM, Chennai Telephones. All the circle office bearers, Divisional Secretaries and activists are requested to mobilize for the demonstration.
View the letter addressed to CGM, Chennai Telephones

15-11-2014 CHQ News:

JTO to SDE seniority case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam. The arguments in the OA continued for more than 3 hours today and concluded at 5.50 PM. Judgment is reserved.

Since the Hon division bench is not sitting next week and the same member will not be available next time, the arguments went upto 5.50 PM to conclude. One Administrative member was deputed from Hon CAT, Banglore to Ernakulam just for this week. Our Assn took the lead in all aspects and our pleading with BSNL to file an MA in addition to our MA for allowing BSNL to go ahead with promotions, helped in listing the case for early hearing. Originally the case was posted to 17.11.2014 but division bench is not available on that day. In Chennai also, SNEA only became party and defended the case properly.

JAO to AO Promotion Status:
After continuous persuasion of our  Association SNEA(I), JAO 2010 batch has been now included in JAO to AO promotion in the same DPC. The 2010 SC, ST JAOs will get promotion and the orders will be issued in two sets in compliance of court judgement. First for JAOs of 2003 and 2004 batch and second for JAOs of 2006, 2007 & 2010 (only SC,ST) batch. Inclusion of 2010 batch with SC, ST quota happened only after the intervention of SNEA(I). We will pursue the DPC for the remaining vacancies also.

CHQ News:
DGM (Adhoc) promotion: The DPC completed. However the promotion orders are delayed due to Rule 206 seniority case in SDE cadre, arguments continuing in the Hon Supreme Court. In case of an adverse judgment on the existing seniority, changes will take place in the existing SDE seniority list 1 to 5. The CAs and SLPs came up for hearing on 05.11.2014 in continuation of the arguments on 30.10.2014. The case posted for continuing the arguments on 12.11.2014 but the bench is not sitting on 12th.

10-11-2014 CHQ News:
Meeting with Sri A. N. Rai, CMD/BSNL:

GS and CHQ President met CMD/BSNL today morning and discussed modifications in DE promotions as per seniority and genuine medical cases. CMD was out of country during last one week. Association requested to modify the orders for the above cases as good number of vacancies are available in different Circles at least this week itself as all of them are on leave anticipating change in postings. CMD assured that some cases as per seniority and medical ground will be considered this week itself.

07-11-2014 CHQ News:

JTO to SDE promotion — case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: The MA filed by BSNL for early hearing of the petition came up for admission before the Registrar today. Now the case is posted for 13.11.2014 for final hearing. Earlier the case was posted for 17.11.2014. It is understood that Division bench is sitting next week.

However VC still pending from BR, CHG, CTD, GUJ, HP, HR, JKD, KTK, KRL, MH, NE I, NTR, OR, RAJ and UKD Circles. CSs should arrange the VCs on warfooting.

 GS and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya met GM(Pers) and Addl GM(Pers) and held discussions on the court case at Hon CAT Ernakulam and possible way outs to issue promotion orders.

SNEA(I),Chennai Telephones wishes Com.R.Vijayakumar AGM Callcentre-CM, Com.P.Srinivasan DGM TXI and Com.N.Pushpanathan JTO ANR Intl on their superannuation. We wish them a happy, prosperous and healthy retired life. SNEA(I) also wishes all the staff who retires on 31.10.2014.
Circle Secretary attended and addressed the retirement party of Com.P.Srinivasan DGM TXI on 30.10.2014 at Kushkumar Road. Com.P.Srinivasan is sincere and honest officer. Circle Secretary attended and addressed the retirement party of Com.R.Vijayakumar AGM CC-CM on 31.10.2014. Com.R.Vijayakumar is sincere,honest and dedicated officer and he has donated Rs.5000/- to circle. Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP attended and addressed the retirement party of Com.N.Pushpanathan JTO ANR Intl on 31.10.2014 at Annanagar.

Promotion to the  grade of STS (CAO) on regular basis – Orders issued for 285 Executives (OC - 261, SC-01 and ST-23). 

Circle Secretaries of SNEA(I),AIBSNLEA and AIBSNLOA submitted letter to CGM,Chennai telephones requesting to take up with BSNL CO regarding modification of place of posting for regular DEs.
Comrades who are under continuous medical treatment for various diseases may submit their representation afresh to the Administration. Complete medical records(not simply the prescription) should be submitted along with the representation. The Administration would scrutinize and recommend the medical cases based on the BSNL CO instructions. Similarly for compassionate grounds like mentally retarded/physically handicapped dependents with full records may also be submitted to the Administration afresh.

Our GSM Divisional Secretary Com.R.Kalaimaran’s daughter marriage and reception on 30.10.2014. We wish the couple a Happy Married Life.

Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP and Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan CS met CGM on 24.10.2014 and discussed the following:
1. Retention of Regular DEs:
We have requested our CGM to recommend the medical and compassionate ground cases to BSNL CO for retention in Chennai. We also requested CGM to emphasize the BSNL CO to fill up the vacancies strictly on seniority in addition to medical cases. CGM assured us that the Administration will do the needful.
2. ERP implementation:
In this regard we wrote a letter to CGM on 18.10.2014. CGM appreciated our concern regarding hassle free implementation of ERP. CGM informed us that we have requested the BSNL CO on several times to defer the ERP implementation. But the BSNL CO is not ready to defer the same. Anyhow our GS already discussed about this with GM(IT) and will meet again next week to get some relief to Chennai.
3. Non-implementation of Administration orders:
We have informed to CGM that many Administrative orders are not implemented for want of substitutes. Since substitutes are not posted, the transfer order and LA orders could not be implemented at field. CGM assured to look into.
4. Undue delay in JTO to SDE LA Process:
We expressed our resentment to CGM over undue delay in initiating the JTO to SDE LA process. In-spite of many discussions with the Administration, the Administration did not initiate the process of JTO to SDE LA for a long time. CGM immediately contacted Addl.GM(HR&A) and instructed to initiate the process.

BSNL CO issued regular DE place of posting modification orders based on medical & compassionate grounds. Order1 Order2

SNEA(I), Chennai Telephones Wishes a Happy Diwali to all
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