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Last Updated on 19.12.2014 - 02:38 PM
AGB meeting of Tirvallur division held on 18.12.2014. VP, ACSs Com.P.Charles, Com.B.Srinivasan and Com.C.Olly, CTr attended and addressed the meeting. The following office bearers have been unanimously elected for the next term.
1. President                    : Com.P.T.Sivasubraaniam JTO TTN
2. Vice president               : Com.Ravichandran JTO TVR Intl
3. Secretary                    : Com. R.P.Matheswaran SDE TVR urban
4. Asst.Secretary              : Com. B.N.Rajan JTO TTN Groups
5. Treasurer                    : Com.Gopal Rao JTO TVR
EC Members:
1. Com.Chitra SDE TVR TXM
2. Com. Sam Jose JTO TVR TXM

AGB meeting of K.K.Nagar division was held on 16.12.2014 at K.K.Nagar Exchange building. CP, CS, Com.C.Olly ACS and CWC Members Com.S.Venkatraman and Com.Buddhadev Gantyat attended and addressed the meeting. The following office bearers have been unanimously elected for the next term.
1. President         : Com.P.Balu SDE IT cell
2. Vice President    : Com.A.M.Arumugam SDE Porur
3. Secretary         : Com.A.Ayub Khan SDE TXM K.K.Nagar
4. Asst.Secretary   : Com.S.Vinod kumar JTO KKN Extl
5. Treasurer         : Com.A.Venkatachalam SDE IT cell
EC Members
1. Com. K.Thangavelu SDE KKN Extl
2. Com. Usha Renganathan SDE EWSD
3. Com. Usha Jayasree Sriram SDE KKN Extl
4. Com. Anita JTO VAL RSU


LDCE for promotion to the grade of SDE (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015:

Dear Comrades, SNEA(I) / UP(East) Circle has prepared study material and the link for the same is given below and remaining will come in due course of time. Notification of Exam    Syllabus

Click below for Study Material: 

Paper-1-MGT Paper-2-CFA   Paper-2-CM   Paper-2-EB  Paper-2-IT

JTO to SDE LDCE coaching class started (06.12.2014) by the then Faculties of RGM TTC. The classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. Timings 10 AM to 5 PM. Venue: Shri.Sadagopan AGM(Retd), Old #12, New #25 Srinivasa Reddy street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17 ( Landmark Near T.Nagar Bus stand). For more details contact Com.K.Murali JTO OFC TAM on 9444976293.

Circle Secretary met Addl.GM(HR&A) on 10.12.2014 and discussed the following issues:
1. Status of receipt of ACRs/APARs of JTOs:
 These APARs, Screening committee report along-with VC details are to be sent to BSNL CO for SDE regular promotion. Add.GM replied that still some ACRs are not received from field units. I have requested him to expedite the process and send the APARs immediately, since the APARs and other details were to be sent before 30.11.2014. These APARs are required for LA arrangement also.
 2. Status of receipt of ACRs/APARs of SDEs:
 The ACRs/APARs were called for  Looking After arrangement. Still some APARs are not received from field units.
3. Status of DPC for Time Bound Promotions:
 The DPC for TBP is under progress.
4. Request transfer of SDE/DE:
 We have requested Addl.GM(HR/A) to consider the request transfers while issuing LA arrangement.

Addl.GM(HR&A) was kind enough to listen patiently and assured us to look into the pending issues and informed us that the non-receipt of ACRs/APARs would be conveyed periodically so that the delay would be avoided.

CS met CGM on 11.12.2014 and discussed the same issues which were discussed with Addl.GM(HR&A) and submitted a letter for further action. CGM assured that the pending issues would be settled at the earliest.



Programme of Action


1. Demands Day on 11th December 2014 with Lunch Hour Demonstration.

  Lunch hour demonstration will be held at Flower Bazzar Exchange complex. All the office bearers and activists are requested to mobilize members and make the LH Demo a grand success.


2. 10 Days Campaign from 11th to 20th December 2014.


3. March to Parliament on 25th February 2015.


4. 3 Days Dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO from 6th to 8th January 2015.


5. Indefinite Strike from 17th March 2015.

Charter of Demands:

1. Filling up the posts of CMD/BSNL and DIR(Finance) and DIR(HR) of BSNL Board

2. Formation of subsidiary companies of BSNL.

3. Compensation for Loss on landlines for rural / remote area service.

4. Procurement of equipment for development, expansion and better service, more focus on laying OF cable to strengthen the transmission network.

5. Transfer of Assets to BSNL

6. Proposal for Merger of BSNL and MTNL.

7. Spectrum Liberalisation and Trading.

8. Pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of the pay scale for the employees absorbed from DoT to BSNL.

9. Reject the recommendation of TRAI to force BSNL to surrender 1.2 MHz spectrum in premium 900 MHz band.

10. Reject M/s Deloittee Consultant recommendations

11. Allotment of spectrum free to BSNL

12. Provide financial assistance to BSNL to expand the network.

13. BBNL should be merged with BSNL

14. 4G Services should be started by BSNL.

15. Refund of BWA spectrum charges by the Government for the spectrum surrendered by BSNL earlier.

16. 78.2% IDA merger fixation for pre-2007 and post-2007 Pensioners.

17. Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners

18. 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees

18. Fresh Recruitment of Staff required

19. BSNL service to be mandatory to Central Government, State Government and PSUs:

20. Condition of mandatory purchase of equipments from ITI to be scrapped.

AGB meeting of Enterprise Business division held on 04.12.2014 at Periyar building EB office. Com.R.P.Matheswaran has submitted the Divisional Secretary report. The following office bearers have been elected unanimously for the next term.
1. President: Com. Arumugam SDE EB
2. Secretary: Com.V.Harikrishnan JAO EB
3. Treasurer Com. Purushothaman JAO EB
Com.M.K.Veerapandian VP, Com.A.S.Sundara Rajan CS, Com. M.Thamzhvendan CTr and Com.P.Charles ACS attended and addressed the meeting.

JTO to SDE promotion:
All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to concentrate on collection of the pending ACRs/APARs for JTO to SDE promotion from field units to Administration. View the list.

SNEA(I),Chennai Telephones wishes all the officers and staff who retires on 30.11.2014.We wish them a Happy, Peaceful and Healthy retired life.


Rule 206 related seniority case at Hon SC:
The case did not come up for hearing on 27.11.2014. Next date of hearing is to be known.


Rule 206 related seniority case at Hon SC:
Since the Bench is not sitting today, the case is listed tomorrow.

Circle Office Bearers Meeting held on 22.11.2014 at Annaroad Exchange. Com.N.Chitti Babu Circle President Welcomed all and presided over the meeting. Circle Secretary briefed the developments after the last COB meeting. Circle Secretary during the meeting explained in detail the status and developments of modification of place of posting for AGMs/DEs. It was decided to go ahead with printing of Diary 2015. We will be pursuing with the Administration for its approval. Vote of thanks conveyed by Com.P.Charles ACS.

Since Coal India workers has deferred the strike, the lunch hour demonstration of SNEA(I) scheduled on 24-11-2014,  in support of Coal India is deferred till further notice.

20-11-2014 CHQ News:

Meeting with GM(Estt): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(Estt) and held discussions on a) issuing guidelines on fixation of seniority among the JTOs who are eligible for different vacancy years in the last TTA to JTO LICE and b) allowing option to the JAO 2010 batch for pay fixation as per 2nd PRC beyond 07.05.2010, the cutoff date.

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(Pers) and held discussions on issued related to soft tenure stations and cancelling the transfer orders of Executives working in soft tenure places in AP, PB and HP Circles. After discussion GM(Pers) assured that remaining orders also will be issued soon.

DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Reg) VC for 27 DGMs received from CVO office. Promotion orders will be processed soon.

SNEA(I) UP(East) published JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE study materials in their website

Click here for downloading Study Materials->   Paper-I  Paper-II-CFA Paper-II-CM